15 Dec

Daily Vlogging in December – UPDATE

I started vlogging daily over on my Youtube Channel on December 1st. Whew it’s a lot of work! But, I wanted to share a little more of who I am and the things I enjoy doing with my subscribers and followers.

It’s day 15 and I’m half way there! When December ends I’ll be taking a great big Youtube hiatus but until then I wanted to share a couple of the videos that people seemed to like the most (based on likes and comments):

If you don’t subscribe to my Youtube channel, you can do so here:


12 Dec

RBB Gift Guide: Nail Care Gifts

growing short nails

Today is the last day  I will be sharing recommended Christmas gifts. I’ve shared gifts for your hair and gifts for skin care. If you’ve not shopped by now, what are you waiting for? LOL!

So, what lady doesn’t want healthy strong nails and/or a beautiful manicure? :-) These here products I’m about to share will help you achieve what you are looking for. Let’s start with small business providers.

I wasn’t able to shop on Small Business Saturday but I don’t believe that supporting small business (especially those owned by people of color) should be limited to a day. Check out the businesses below that offer nail accessories and hand blended, toxic free nail polish:

Nail Fabulosity

nail fabulosity

The owner is also a natural hair sista of mine and blogs over at A Hair Story. She creates unique, colorful nail polishes and her signature style appears to be thermal polishes that create an hombre effect. Visit Nail Fabulosity here. Polishes range from $7.50 – $9

Nail Vinyls

nail vinyls

I shared Nail Vinyls in another post a while back: Beauty Items for the Skillfully Challenged

Ginger & Liz

Ginger & Liz offers vegan friendly nail polish and beautiful bright jewel toned colors. Check out there shop here.

Last off, here is a larger commercial brand that I have found to be great at strengthening my nails:


NailTek offers a range of nail strengthening products that address various problems including peeling nails, soft nails, and brittle nails. The image above for NailTek II is the one that has helped me grow my nails in the past.

Check out my spotlight on nail polish – gallery of manicures.


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