30 Oct

Pin Worthy Beauty Boards That Inspire

Pinterest is such a great source of inspiration. Especially, when it comes to beauty.

beauty on pinterest

This here is a beauty blog. You know that. :-) While I share my personal learnings and experiences with beauty, I get so much inspiration from others. The following Pinterest Boards are a great source of inspiration:

Over 40 Still Beautiful

beauty over 40

Natural Hairstyles

natural hairstyles on pinterest

Makeup for Black Women

makeup for black women

27 Oct

Fine Natural Hair Woes

cons of fine natural hair

Natural hair is beautiful. Natural hair is strong. Fine, natural hair can be a pain in the….

Well, you can fill in the blank on that one IF you have fine natural hair as well. While it’s beautiful and all that jazz, it can be a pain. While the styling options are endless my fine  natural hair has caused me angst over the past 10 years or so. There’s a few cons I’d like to share.


It doesn’t take much for these fine tresses to tangle up. The individual hairs are so thin and readily wrap around each other. I know this is a common concern for all natural hair but it seems as if fine hair is a bit more intense with it, which leads me to my next woe.

SSKs (Single Strand Knots)

With tangling comes knots. Especially for fine hair. When the hair starts wrapping around itself, it’s very easy for that hair to loop about and create a knot. And because the hair is fine, it’s that much more difficult to unknot. I use a safety pin to help remove the SSKs but many times, I need to just snip it.

Unseen Split Ends

Split ends can be a problem for any hair type but the difference for a fine haired gal is those split ends are difficult to see. That’s why I trim based on “feel.” When I’m not ready for a professional trim, I keep my ends as neat as possible by trimming single strands based on how they feel. It can however become a tedious process. You have to have a lot of patience.

Well, from the title of this article, you could probably tell I wasn’t going to share much that was helpful. It was really not much more than a rant. Sometimes you need to just do that :-)

Yet, in spite of the woes that come along with having fine natural hair, I try to appreciate my hair as much as possible and care for it to the best of my ability (You know. Keep it clean, moisturized, deep conditioned, oiled and strengthened). It’s the only head of hair I’ve got so I need to work with it and discover what it likes and dislikes. I might even wonder WWJD? But, I don’t know if He had fine hair or not LOL! (OK I don’t know where that came from. It was straight out of left field but this was indeed a rant so going off on a tangent is allowed.)

Is there anything about your hair that gives you the blues?


22 Oct

Wardrobe Revamp and Style Challenge

fashion challenge

While this isn’t really a fashion blog, every now and again I like to share something fashion related. If you are interested in fashion, then this is the post for you.

Since fall began, I started examining my wardrobe and discovered I may be missing some key pieces. For example, I have plenty of tops but am lacking in the bottoms department. I would like for my wardrobe to be both functional and stylish with a couple of wardrobe capsules. That’s why I decided to join Imogen Lamport’s Evolve Your Style Challenge.

While the challenge is typically 30 days, you can participate for as long as possible. I noticed that I really enjoyed certain parts of the challenge while other parts, I had a bit of trouble with (like wearing florals…umm yeah never gonna happen unless it’s just a scarf)

During the challenge, we were given a “theme” (for lack of a more appropriate word) to wear for the day. Some of these included:

* Wear a Statement Necklace
* Wear Contrasting Colors
* Wear Something Floral

Here are some of the other outfits I came up with during the challenge:

red and animal print purple blouse neutral fashion black and white fashion anniversary outfit

While there are still some days of the challenge that I have yet to complete, I feel comfortable narrowing down the key items I need to purchase to begin revamping my wardrobe. They include:

* Black pencil skirt
* Little black dress
* Bootleg jeans
* Black dress pants
* White tailored shirt
* Cashmere sweater
* 2 Sweat Suits

There are so many places to buy clothing but when it comes to your key pieces, since they will be worn most often they need to be higher quality than trendy items.  On the flip side, you don’t want to break the bank purchasing clothing so it’s a good idea to shop clearance and sale items off season. Well, that’s what I plan to do and have been doing :-)

Discovering the pieces I need to fill my wardrobe with is only the first step. Now, to focus on coloring.

I tend to gravitate toward neutrals (beige, black, forest green) but would love to infuse more color into my wardrobe. Red and purple are colors I’d like to see more of in my closet.

Is your closet all together or do you need to revamp your wardrobe to get out of  a style rut?


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