12 Dec

30 Days of Fitness and Fun

December is truly a month that people give more than any other time of the year. That’s why here at RBB I am running two giveaways here and here.

Now, it’s time for me to give away something that’s absolutely priceless. Fitness.

slim in 6

And how do I do that? By being transparent.

I’ll be sharing my new fitness regimen with you as well as ideas on how you can get fit too!

Initially, I was going to start this 30 days of fun in fitness earlier this year in April. I started doing Shaun T’s INSANITY but didn’t want to broadcast it because  I was concerned about throwing people off from joining me. That’s because INSANITY is HARD. So hard that my knees were affected.

I had a few other setbacks too…losing my pet and going through some other things. It was so hard for me to stick with my workouts. I fell off and had to “press reset” (thanks MJ….see her comment here) quite a few times.

Now that we’ve reached year end I’ve decided to press reset again. This time I don’t plan on quitting. Why? Because I’m tired of starting over!

stop quitting

I was so so close to reaching goal while doing the INSANITY workout. Then, I lost my way. Now, it’s as if I’m back to square one.  I’m not quite back to square one because I am 20 pounds lighter than I was earlier this year but I still have 25/30 pounds to go and it’s time. Here’s what re-inspired me:

If she can lose 184 pounds, why am I struggling with 25? Reality has sent in. My lazy uncommitted behind has been put to rest. It’s on now.

So let’s kick this fitness thing off together? Sound good? Here’s my plan to get fit once and for all:

  • No more soda. Only on holidays and no more than 1 glass. Otherwise, it’s water all day.
  • Increase my fruit and vegetable intake by having with a snack
  • Exercise 5/7 days a week. (Just purchased Slim in 6. Why this program now? I like that there’s isn’t a lot of impact on the knees)
  • Buy knee sleeves so I can restart INSANITY in March. I WILL completely this program. Just need to get used to working out again.

Here are some additional ways you can get fit with me and they are not hard:

  1. Take a brisk 20 minute walk outdoors. That’s right outdoors. The oxygen will do you good to get those lungs and that heart pumping well. If you can, utilize hills. Walking up hill will raise your heart rate and increase the effects of your workout. Yes this is a simple workout but I think everybody has to start somewhere so I’m trying to be aware of my readers who may not be regular exercisers.
  2. If you’re more advanced, how about a 20 minute run? I’m not a runner but I have an elliptical machine and will do my 20 minutes from time to time while watching TV. This is in addition to my regular workouts.
  3. Join my girl, The Get Fit Diva for her 8 week challenge. I’m joining too and this will be fun!

Fitness CAN be fun. I think the key is doing something that challenges your body but doesn’t overwhelm it. You have to be able to enjoy it. So that’s why I’m starting Slim in 6. From what I’ve seen it IS fun.

DAYS 1-30: The moment I receive Slim in 6, I’ll be sharing day my workouts. Slim in 6 is a 6 week program but I’ll be sharing the bulk of the program in 30 days.

Some of my shares will be via video but most will be photos as I have limited time to create additional videos.

OK so clearly this sharing of fun is throwing my normal posting schedule out of wack. The good part is regardless of the day, accountability is being ushered in to play.

Please share your thoughts about the upcoming 30 Days of Fitness and fun!

Note: Before starting any exercise routine, be sure to stretch. It’s important to warm up before your workouts to prevent injury. Then, you’ll want to stretch after your work out to prevent muscle soreness.

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9 thoughts on “30 Days of Fitness and Fun

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  2. I am so excited that you are doing the 8 Week Challenge! Your goals are completely attainable–I need to up my water intake as well exercising daily and eating more healthy foods. I have the new Nike Fuelband and guess what? I took it off for the past week because I was on vacay and then had a serious case of the Lazy-itis. We got this! Let’s motivate each other!

    • :-) Yah!! I know how you feel about getting lazy. It’s like the longer you stop, the longer it takes to get started again but yes motivating each other is very helpful!

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