31 Days of Self Pampering

Days 1 to 31

31 days of pamperingHere at Radiant Brown Beauty it is my goal to offer you the best personal care tips and information. You’ll mainly find information on skin and hair but every now and then I like to step outside of the box to include other tips in the personal care category.

On October 1st, 2011 I started a series called 31 Days of Self Pampering.  Each day throughout the month of October, I provided a quick tip on a way to pamper your spirit, soul or body.

Below you’ll find links to each of those days of self pampering.  Take your time and read each one.  Don’t get overwhelmed though.  Read one each day. Start at your own pace.

One of the goals of 31 Days of Self Pampering is for you to be able to come back and pick a tip you can use whenever.

Day 1: Time to Adorn

Day 2: The Hand Massage

Day 3: Banish Those Bags

Day 4: The Power of a Latte

Day 5: A Home Facial

Day 6: Ideas for Pampering With Just $10

Day 7: Do It From Head to Toe

Day 8: Soul Searching and Reflection

Day 9: Time Time for God

Day 10: Work Up A Sweat

Day 11: Go Shopping!

Day 12: Sniff Shop

Day 13: Massage Your Mind

Day 14: Sleep

Day 15: Go Ayurvedic

Day 16: Blend It Naturally & Win A Lotion Bar

Day 17: Enjoy The Foliage

Day 18: Free Movie

Day 19: Just Veg Out

Day 20: Envision The Future

Day 21: Get A Haircut

Day 22: Take A Day

Day 23: Recreate Your Favorite Celebrity Look

Day 24: Create a Mini Spa

Day 25: Create a Wardrobe Capsule

Day 26: Revamp Your Beauty Bag

Day 27: Do a Wardrobe Haul

Day 28: Indulge

Day 29: Get a A Physical

Day 30: Get Your Grill Checked

Day 31: Schedule it and Do It


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