The Only 5 Make Up Products I Will Ever Need

Makeup is meant to enhance one’s natural beauty. It is not meant to create a new you.

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Some ladies start wearing make up in their teenage years. I was one of them. Then, as I began to grow older I wore less and less makeup. No particular reason. I just don’t ear a lot of make up. I reserve a fully made up look for special occasions. On regular days, I do little more than groom my brows, put on some eyeliner and lipgloss.

While I do not always wear a lot of make up, I love buying it. After all, I need to have it at my disposal for when I do :-) In spite of all of the make up that I have managed to amass through purchasing, receiving as gifts or receiving to review, there’s just 5 that I never want to be without. The following 5 makeup products are all I need for a day to day polished look.

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maybelline the falsiesMaybelline The Falsies Mascara – I have typical eye lashes. I don’t like to apply falsies but I do want elongated lashes. While I am much of a mascara hoarder, if I had to choose just one brand this would be it. The Falsies gives me long and voluminous lashes with just 2-3 strokes.

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L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Concealer - For the longest time I’ve searched to find the right concealer to highlight my brows as well as mask any discoloration marks on my face so that I don’t look like a ghost. It took some time but this is the one. It’s very blendable and looks natural when blended properly.

clinique stay matte oil free makeupClinique Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup - I have sensitive skin. Clinique has always been my brand of choice for full face makeup. This cream foundation is very light and virtually melts into my skin while giving me a very natural look. It provides a small amount of coverage for my hyperpigmentation areas.

Rimmel London Eye Liner – I’m not usually picky when it comes to eyeliner but I do require a brand that glides on and stays on without caking. The Rimmel liner does it effortlessly and affordably.

eye pencilsYBF Automatic Eyebrow Pencil – This brow pencil gives you the most natural looking brows. I’ve been using another brand lately because the YBF pencil was sold out when I ran out. It’s very popular because depending on the amount of pressure you apply to the pencil, it can turn up to 22 shades – the perfect shade appearing based on your skin tone. When I am done using the temporary replacement pencil I have been using, I’m going back to this.

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7 thoughts on “The Only 5 Make Up Products I Will Ever Need

  1. I was a late bloomer when it came to make up (only started wearing it about five years ago) but I find myself wearing less and less. I look for products that can pull double duty all the time.

    That falsies mascara is awesome and I have to check out that brow pencil.
    MJ recently posted..10 Totally Random Beauty and Fashion Things

  2. Like yourself, I have amassed more makeup than I’ll ever use up in this lifetime. While in high school, I got into lipstick and other lip products because my acneic skin led me to believe that was my best trait. So, I played that feature up, and amassed a trillion lipsticks, glosses and balms in the process. Next, I got obsessed with foundation, because again, my acneic skin NEEDS to be plastered in it to cover up the ugly. And so, I have more foundation in every available format than is really necessary. Next, when I discovered youtube, I thought I wanted to get into eyeshadow. But, I’m just too lazy to add more steps to my routine. I’m think I’ve landed on my favorites which is foundation, powder, eyebrow powder and pencil, an eyelash curler and lip balm. For dates and special occasions, I’ll add in the other stuff.

    • “cover up the ugly” No girl. Don’t see it that way. We all go through periods where we don’t like some feature of ourselves. Just never call it ugly. :-)

  3. I’m not big on makeup either, so my go-to items are primer and mineral foundation, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lip gloss. I venture a little more nowadays into eye shadow, but I’m a novice compared to the looks I see on Pinterest. Who has the time? LOL

    I like your last picture with the container with the baubles. I do the same thing with my lip glosses, brushes, and eye pencils and mascara.

    Hey Michelle, have you gotten you new package from Wantable? I’m still waiting for the second one.
    Alison recently posted..More wisdom from the road well travelled

    • I love eye shadow but I’m not the best at applying it. I do an ok job with 2 colors but I’m learning so I can look real fly on special occasions LOL.

      No I haven’t actually. I forgot all about them lol. I am doing 1 off orders and plan to get some boxes for the holidays.

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