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Reckless Skin Care Habits You Should Break Today

skin care habits

Your outer diva reflects your inner diva. Say what? You read me.

skin care habits

If you want to reflect all of that goodness on the outside that’s happening on the inside of you, you’re going to have to kick your personal care in gear.  Your personal appearance, specifically your skin is a reflection of it all.

I’m going to assume you are already practicing good internal skin care like drinking plenty of water and detoxing at least once per year. Now, let’s talk about your external skin care.

There are skin care habits you should develop and I’ve shared them from time to time (see some of the links below). If you want to age gracefully and maintain the health of your skin, there are some bad skin habits you should break TODAY:

Not wearing sunscreen daily

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but this is just another reminder that UV rays are always present – even when the sun isn’t shining. You must protect your skin at all times and make sure your sunscreen is sufficient.

Neglecting the skin on your neck and ears

Many people neglect applying sunscreen and even just moisturizing the skin on the back of the neck and ears. These areas are just as susceptible to damage as your face. Neglecting them is a bad skin habit you should break right away.

Leaving dermatology out of your annual physical regimen

Getting your skin checked regularly for suspicious moles, lesions or changes is just as important as getting your cholesterol and sugar levels checked. Just because you don’t feel or notice changes in your skin doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on. A board certified dermatologist is the only one qualified to check.

Going to bed without cleansing your face

Let’s face it. We all go to bed from time to time without washing our faces. Sometimes you’re just exhausted and don’t make washing your face at night a priority. I get it. I do it too from time to time but making it a habit is no good for your skin and will cause clogged pores leading to acne outbreaks and even worst, premature wrinkling.

Picking pimples

This is probably the hardest skin care habit of all to break. We often pick pimples without realizing that we’re doing it. When there’s this thing protruding out of your skin, it’s instinctive to mess with it. Yet, we must change that bad skin habit. Every time you find yourself picking a pimple, stop it. Continuing to pick pimples causes blemishes and can lead to additional outbreaks due to the germs from your hands being spread to your skin.

It’s very easy to neglect your skin in ways that you think are not harmful to it. Yet, over time these reckless skin care habits are what leave your skin lacking luster. Put a stop to them and you can enjoy healthy skin that truly reflects that inner diva of yours.

What reckless skin care habits have you discovered from above that you need to put a stop to?

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  1. BBL treatment is short for Broad Band Light and it’s basically a filtered light that targets the pigment that is responsible for the color in your skin and gets rid of the age spots or sun spots on your skin and makes your skin look vibrant =)

  2. I really do agree with putting on sunscreen every day because I ended up with sunspots. BBL treatments really help sun damaged skin and some of my spots have completely faded away.

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