06 Feb

62 Two Strand Twists Styled 4 Ways

To maintain my protective styling ways, I took the big leap and did small twists on my hair last weekend. They were supposed to be mini twists but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.

two strand twists

The Twisting Process

After applying my Kimmaytube Leaving In Conditioner, I sealed the strands of my hair with Jojoba Oil. I then applied Jane Carter Solutions Curl Defining Cream. Then, I proceeded to twist.

It took me 4 hours to do these twists and I did them on wet hair.

Styling The Two Strand Twists

styling two strand twists

two strand twists natural hair

black hairstyle

All in all these twists held up pretty well. I knew I’d only keep them in a week because I wash my hair every weekend and I couldn’t see the twists looking fresh if I kept them in while washing. Also, I’m pretty sure I would have come up with a ton of other styles had I bothered to keep these in any longer.

I only had to retwist a few of the front twists on the 3rd day. That’s because I had went to bed the night before without tying my hair down.

I really like the low maintenance aspect of these small twists. Funny thing is while they took about 4 hours to do and only 20 minutes to take out.

I took them out on Saturday morning and used Jojoba oil to make it easy. I didn’t have any snarls so I will definitely do this again..just not in the near future. 4 hours is a big chunk of my life :-)

Do you wear small or mini twists? How often?

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17 thoughts on “62 Two Strand Twists Styled 4 Ways

  1. Looks good! Mine don’t generally last more than a week either and mine were much smaller. I always say I’m not doing them again for a while also, then I find myself twisting my hair. Lol.

    • lol that’s so true. i haven’t done a tone of them again though. I’m trying to see how long I can keep these cornrows in! Probably not more than a week lol ~~~~~~~~> hand-in-hair-syndrome!

  2. You’re really making me want to put some twists in … but I got too many posts to write this week! I actually rocked some big twists in a bun today. But, I took them out when I got home as they weren’t neatly parted at all. Late last night, I just grabbed big sections and twisted. I started acting like I was about to twist it when I got home from work, but when I began parting, I knew it would take a couple of hours that I don’t have. But, you’re twists looked great and I hope to do some of my own soon. It’s been a while!

    • Thanks Shelli. It took way too long! My arms started hurting. I’ll probably not do it again for a while. We’ll see.

  3. I haven’t worn mini twists ever. I have a 2 year old and if I had 4 hours to do anything I wanted it will not be twisting my hair lol. I just don’t have the patience. Now when I was pregnant I did have mini braids put in, but I had a nice lady from Cameroon do them for me and I remember dozing while she put them in. I was pregnant I just couldn’t help myself.

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