Acne Vulgaris: How to Care for Acne Prone Skin

Acne Care Information for Black Skin

What Is Acne Vulgaris?

Acne vulgaris is a common condition in black skin. For some it’s a serious flaw in maintaining beautiful black skin. Pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and cystic acne are all a part of acne vulgaris and can affect the face, upper part of the chest, and the back.

Acne vulgaris can range from mild to severely anti-inflammatory. The good news is before seeking the help of a dermatologist, there other resources at your disposal.

Here are some classic articles that address caring for black skin troubled with acne vulgaris
(You’ll find a number of related articles as well):

Getting to the Root of Acne Prone Skin

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How to Treat Acne With Food

Fighting Acne With Diet Changes – another look at how your skin is affected by what’s going on internally (coming soon)

Foods to Help Acne – specific foods that can improve the condition (coming soon)

The Connection Between Acne Vulgaris and Oily Skin

5 Warning Signs Your Skin is Producing Too Much Oil – common things to look for in your appearance that lead to acne

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Treating Acne with Specialty Products

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This list of articles is just the beginning of an extensive resource on helping you to treat/prevent acne vulgaris.

Below you’ll find a list of care regimens specifically for women of color (including one for Acne Prone skin):

Skin Care Regimens