26 Oct

You Aint Cute When Your Finances Are Ugly

dream big

dream big

TGIF!! Friday is a time when most of us look forward to the weekend so we can do some of the things we aren’t able to do during the work week; Things like shopping, going out with family/friends and basically spending money.

Finance Fridays

That’s why I’ve decided to start a new feature here on the blog called Finance Fridays! What do you think? It was between that and Financial Friday. Hmm still working it out but the basic premise is I’ll be sharing a finance related post. Some will be tips and others will be about my experiences (or lack thereof) with finances.

The aim of Finance Fridays is to help you improve the state of your finances while also learning from some of my mistakes :-) I’m not a financial expert so take what you read with a grain of salt. In other words, fact check. I’m also hoping to learn from you while writing these posts.

I come across lots of good information that is a blessing to share. These finance related posts will be under the category of Self/Blog. That’s because personal finances are just that. Personal. It’s all about being your best self.


Because you aint cute when your finances are ugly! Ha! It’s the title of this post but it’s so true.

As women (that’s whom I typically write to here at Radiant ¬†Brown Beauty), we think about money much differently than men do. We manage our finances differently and we have a totally different relationship with our finances than our male counterparts.

So, going forward on monthly basis (at minimum), in addition to or in place of my Friday product reviews I’ll be sharing info on how to get/keep your finances in check. Today’s installation begins with some things I learned at a recent LearnVest conference. And guess who LearnVest typically speaks to? Women! Like you and I.

learnvest live

A Little About LearnVest

I was introduced to LearnVest via my employer. LearnVest is a pretty young company (about 3 years old). Their mission statement is, “To empower women everywhere to take control of their personal finances so that they can afford their dreams.” I like that.

LearnVest shares everything from how to budget your money to how make your money work for you. The LearnVest website is a wealth of information on topics relating to all things money like: personal finance, beauty, fashion, fitness, groceries, health and kids. When you finish reading this post, check them out at http://learnvest.com

LearnVest Live

learnvest 5 year rule

LearnVest held its first ever live conference in NYC a little over a week ago. From the cocktail hour to the evening sessions, this conference did not disappoint. I’ve been to a lot of conferences and this was by far one of the best coordinated and well organized evens I’ve been to in a long time. I knew it was coordinated by women LOL!

learnvest event

learnvest event in nyc

A Quick Recap of The Evening

  • Cocktail reception (Let the vino pour!)
  • Introduction by LearnVest Found Alex von Tobel
  • Dinner
  • ¬†Break out sessions – These sessions covered a variety of topics including: Investing, Budgeting, The 5 Year Plan, Cooking, Fashion

Yes, each of the topics discussed was related to money. You have to manage your money in each of those areas to have a healthy relationship with your finances.

At the end of the evening LearnVest sent us home with a gift big filled with goodies including a Marie Clare magazine, chocolate protein powder sample, a travel purse, mints, a mascara and some coupons for local services including personal shopper and a car service ride.

learnvest financial

There’s much to learn when it comes to your finances. I don’t think any body truly “arrives.” And while everyone’s financial profile is different, there’s always more to learn.

I’m still learning? Wanna take the journey with me?

Then keep coming back to Radiant Brown Beauty! Every Friday you’ll find something pertaining to the topic of finances.

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10 thoughts on “You Aint Cute When Your Finances Are Ugly

  1. I’ll definitely be checking out this Friday series, Michelle. I’m all about being wise with money. I love to read about new ideas and strategies in that regard. Take care,


  2. There left almost nothing after I check my accounts every week though my earning is not so bad. May be I am not so calculative or good at managing my finances. I think LearnVest can help me in this regard. I want to save some portion of my income for the future. I am waiting eagerly for the Friday topic. Let’s hope for the best :-)

    • Hi Natalie. I know the feeling. We all need to get to the point though where after we’ve paid our bills and socked away something for savings that there’s still some left to have fun with. That’s the goal

    • Yahhhh! Congrats on the new job. God is good isn’t he? HE takes care of his own.

      You’ve got to go get a free LearnVest account. It’s soooo helpful. You can plug in all your accounts including credit cards, banking, 401K etc and get a complete snapshot of your network, where you’re spending your money and also just keeping track and staying on budget.

      Congrats on the new J-A-B LOL!

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