Best Bobby Pins for Natural Hair

Naturally curly hair is fragile. That’s because there are so many bends and grooves along the hair shaft.

curlyhair-pinnedIt’s pinned up in the back

Running a comb down the hair can literally rip curly hair to shreds if not done properly (i.e. hair sautéed with oils or conditioner). But, this post isn’t about combing your hair. It’s about protecting it.

Bobby pins are commonly used to style the hair. There are many brands of bobby pins but if you want one that will not damage your hair, that glides easily and in and out of your hair, look no further.

Goody Ouchless Bobby Pins

I’ve found it very difficult to locate Goody Ouchless Bobby Pins in the store. I searched all the stores that carried it and couldn’t find it. I finally found these in another city in my same state. I had used them previously but you know how it goes with bobby pins. They magically disappear over time!

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