Fine Natural Hair: Growth, Tips & Easy Natural Hairstyles

Caring for Fine Hair to take it from Medium to Long Lengths

Being a black woman with fine natural hair can be challenging but there’s still versatility for styling. In just a bit you’ll find links to articles that share tips on maintaining and growing medium length to long natural hair. You’ll also find scores of easy natural hairstyles.

Caring for fine natural hair is easy when you know how

As of 2013, I’ve been natural for just a little over 8 years. I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to care for my 3C typed naturally curly hair. In the process, I’ve also discovered a ton of styling tips for fine natural hair like mine and have so much fun styling it.

I figured it’s high time to start pulling all the articles I’ve written about my fine natural hair together in one place to make it easier for you to find. You’ll also find a few of my length check videos at the bottom so you’ll see that I actually put into practice what I share.

Growing Fine Hair

27 Things You Can Do to Improve, Protect and Keep Your Hair On Your Headstraight natural hair

The Shocking Truth About Protein Use On Your Hair

Natural Oils for Healthy Hair

The Protein Conditioner That Strengthens and Restores pH Balance

Andrew Lessman’s Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins

Natural Hair Breakage: Stop Over Manipulating Your Hair!

How to Prevent Pesky Single Strand Knots (SSKs)

When the LOC Method Seems to Fail

Moisture Moments


2012 Revised Pre-Wash Regimen

Revised and Simplified Curly Hair Care Regimen

Quick to Stimulate Hair Growth

How Natural Hair Challenges Help With Length Retention

10 Non-Negotiable Practices of Naturals Who Retain Length

Protective Styling Fine Natural Hair

Loose Ended Double Bun

Quad Bun

Twisted Up Chic Bun

Horizontal Figure 8 Bun with Tendrils

Center Braided Wide Bun

tangled hair in a bun

Flat Twisted Bun

1 Bun, 3 Different Styles

Easy Textured Banana Clipped Protective Style

Photo Gallery of Protective StylesClassy Protective Style for any Occasion

How to Maintain the Neatness of Mini TwistsMini Twists and 6 Days of Styles

Ayurvedic Black Hair Care

Capturing My Adventures with Henna

A Henna-fied Weekend of My Crown and Glory

Indigo Results and An Observation

Using Zizyphus to Restore Curls – An Alternative to Amla

Zizyphus Revisited

black hair medium length

Yemeni Henna Review

Terressentials Hair Wash Review

Jamaican Black Castor Oil – 7 Amazing Uses

A Thawed Out Henna Touchup

The Many (and Mighty) Ways to Use Oils on Natural Hair

How to Style Natural Curls

Transforming Flexi Rod Curls Into An Updo Hairstyle

Finger Detangling and Pre-Poo Regimen

Aubrey Organics Twist Out

Low Manipulation Hairstyling + Hairstyles

easy natural hairstyles

Finger Coils on Natural Hair

3C Curly Hair Wash and Go Series

3 Ways to Pineapple and Preserve Curls

General Care and Styling

Two Ways to Flat Twist Hair

6 Ways to Dress Up a Messy Top BunTips for Extending the Life of Your Two Strand Twists

Pros and Cons of Mini Twists on Fine Natural Hair

LOC Method

Cocoon Curls, Shrinkage and a Length Check

loose straightened hair

The Perfect All Complete Conditioner That Will Rock Your Hair

Get Shinier Hair with This Cream Rinse

Why Steaming Should Be Part of Your Hair Care Regimen

Why You Want Your Hair’s Cuticles As Smooth As Possible

5 Tips to Prevent Bed Head

Why I Have a Problem with Co-Washing Only

How Curly Hair is More Protective Than Straight

Nurturing Your Natural Hair (and Wallet) By Narrowing Down Product Choices

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Length Check Videos