11 Jan

A BlogHer Night Out Off Broadway

the heiress nyc

Earlier today I shared the Have to Have widget where I asked you to vote for your favorite piece of jewelry.  Well, I realize I missed a step. I mentioned that some of the jewelry pics was inspired by the lack of jewelry worn by the actors in The Heiress but I didn’t share my review of the actual play!  Backwards I know.

the heiress nyc

Earlier this week, I was blessed to be able to see the Off Broadway, The Heiress.

Receiving the invitation from BlogHer to have dinner and network with other bloggers, followed by going to see The Heiress is just what I needed. I’ve been pretty down since my boss’ death and really needed a night out to just….forget.

I didn’t know what to expect from the play. I did a quick search online before going to find out the storyline and it seemed interesting enough.

The Overview

the heiress play

The Heiress was created by Ruth & Augustus Goetz and the stars are Jessica Chastain (her understudy, Mairin Lee filled the role at this production because Jessica was off receiving a film award. However Mairin was quite good!), David Strathairn, Dan Stevens Judith Ivey. It’s the story of a plain looking (and kind of dim witted) young woman named Catherine who resides in New York with her prominent doctor father who treats her rather poorly (I don’t think he meant to) by always comparing her to her dead mother.

Catherine meets a handsome young man and needs to discover if he falls in love with her for who she is or for how much she’s worth financially. Catherine’s aunt (Judith Ivey) comes to live with them for a while and let’s just say she’s a bit of a romantic.

The play was really interesting and quite funny. I found myself laughing most of the time while simultaneously fighting the urge to yell at Catherine for being a dope!

And no review would be complete without mentioning Judith Ivey. In my opinion, she stole the show. I don’t know how she does it – start one sentence without completing the former but still make it sound like she’s talking in complete sentences!

If you’re ever in New York, you MUST see The Heiress. It’s entertaining and riveting all in the same breath. Tickets here.

The Meet Up

Getting to enjoy The Heiress was only part of what made the evening so special. I met some of my fellow BlogHer bloggers from various niches: food, theatre, beauty, fashion

It’s amazing how much you can learn from bloggers at different stages of the game.

Here are some additional clips of scenes from The Heiress:

heiress on broadway

catherine the heiress

the heiress broadway play

brown beauty gal



5 thoughts on “A BlogHer Night Out Off Broadway

  1. That sounds like a really cool play. Gosh, I haven’t been to a play since Lion King in NYC. That’s one thing I miss about living there. I would go to plays all the time as a kid.

  2. This is such a coincidence! I saw this post in my email as I was heading to see Les Miserables in Philly at the Kimmel Performing Arts Center with my sister and her friend!! We had purchased the tickets a few months ago, before I knew that there was a movie version being released in December!! Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals (I saw it three times between HS and college and I listen to the soundtrack on the regular). This production was alright, but definitely was a disappointment to me as I felt it didn’t have the emotion of the productions I’ve seen in the past. It felt too rushed and I felt some songs were not sung with the vulnerability and misery that I expected. Everyone sang very well, I just felt several of the characters didn’t “bring it” in regard to making us understand why the title is Les Miserable. Ok, I’ll be copying and pasting this for my post ;)! LOL!!

    • LOLOL! “with the vulnerability and misery that I expected” I agree though. With a name like Les Miserables, you want to see miserable LOL. I’ve never seen the play but now I’m looking forward to the movie!

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