19 Oct

Butter London Nail Polish for High Def Nail Color – But How Good Is It?

butter london manicure

A couple of weeks ago I watched a video by Colette aka MySimpleLittlePleasures on YouTube where she shared her haul on Butter London Nail Polishes.

Colette has the most amazing skills when it comes to designing nails. I’ll never be that skilled but I do love nail polish. So, I hopped on over to http://ulta.com to check out the polishes Colette purchased as well as the other nail polish colors available. Here’s what I bought:

butter lond nail polishes

  • Lady Muck
  • Lovely Jubbly
  • Lilibet’s Jubliee
  • Shag
  • Gobsmacked
  • Diamond Geezer

Base Coat, Polish and Top Coat Woes

Achieving a salon quality manicure is a delicate balance between skill and the quality of  nail polish you apply to your nails. These Butter London nail polishes are gorgeous. They are non-toxic and contain no DPB, Toluene or Formaldehyde.

Butter London nail polish applies smoothly but there was one problem. The polish doesn’t stay on! I did my manicure at night, went to bed and woke up with 3 bare nails. What the heck?

Initially, I thought it might be the gel strengthener I used beneath the polish so I re-did the manicure with only a base coat. FAIL. The polish still came off. I’m not even talking about chipped. The entire color peeled off!

Still not wanting to give up I figured I would just apply the Butter London polish to my bare nails to see if the polish would stay on. After all, it stayed on my toes no problem. So, I applied the polish to my bare nails and sealed with a top coat. FAIL. This is frustrating.

My last ditched effort was to apply the Butter London polish to bare nails, no base coat no top coat. WINNER.

I waited a few hours and applied a slight amount of Seche Vite™ top coat just to see if it would hold. That was a FAIL. I had chipping nails before end of day. I don’t get why this polish won’t adhere to my base coats or top coats but I did discover something.

No Base or Top Coat Needed

When I first tested the polishes, I only used the two glittery ones in the photo below (Gobsmacked and Lovely Jubilly). The coarse granules obviously don’t connect well with the base and top coats. Go figure.  I also used the beautiful Shag:

butter london shag nail polish

First, I was a little disappointed that I had to go through so much to figure out how to get this nail polish to adhere to my nails because this nail polish is not cheap. It should play nicely with other nail products. Sure, it doesn’t contain any of the toxic chemicals of other brands but while I was trying to figure this all out I was thinking “I need a little formaldehyde in my life LOL.”

At the end of the day (or should I say days), I realize there’s no need for a base coat or a top coat. Base coats are used to protect your natural nails from the damaging chemicals in nail polish. Since this polish is non-toxic, I’m assuming that your nails are safe from harm. When I removed the polish, I did not notice any yellowing or damage.

Also, a top coat is not necessary with this polish by Butter London because once the polish is applied and dried, a lovely sheen remains! I found this to be so with the flat colors as well as the glittery ones.

butter london manicure

While the cost of the Butter London nail polishes are $14 a bottle I was able to catch Ulta’s BTGO sale – 6 polishes for the price of 4. Plus I got free shipping. I am more appreciative of this sale after trying everything under the sun to get the nail polish to stay on my nails and then discovering that less is more.

Other Nail Polish Brands I Set My Sights On

Some of the other nail polish brands I like are Sally Hansen, China Glaze, Wet ‘n Wild, Sinful Colors, and Revlon (specifically Moon Candy). This variety of brands ranges from cheap to moderately priced.

While it’s important to buy quality polish in order to achieve a salon quality manicure, I believe it’s equally important to buy polish in colors that compliment your complexion. All of the Butter London polishes look great on my skin.

I think  I’ve officially narrowed down my staple polishes to this Butter London brand, Sally Hansen and China Glaze. However, I’m getting really curious to try  Zoya (another non-toxic brand?).

What’s your favorite brand of nail polish?

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12 thoughts on “Butter London Nail Polish for High Def Nail Color – But How Good Is It?

  1. Girl, that price is what’s keeping me from even looking at the colors too hard. I do not want to fall in love with nail polish that is that expensive!!! You bought 6…OMG!!! I hate to look at Essie and that’s like $8…lol. Send me and Chloe whatever colors you don’t like, we’ll gladly take second hand goods (=

    • LOL I love all the colors.Now that I actually know how to apply them, I think they are worth it. I always shunned Essie’s $8 too and now I go and buy a $14 polish SMH

  2. Wow the whole nail polish came off lol thats hilarious! the colora are pretty. I like zoya. My pedicure for the wedding was done with zoya polish and it lasted through the honeymoon, although it did get weird and gummy in the pool (it dried back to normal though after i got out).

    • Now see, you really do have me wanting to try the Zoya polish.
      The Butter London is good now that I know I don’t need to use top coat or base coat but it would have been nice to know that up front!

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