27 Feb

A Constantly Building Resource for Natural Hair Care


Every Monday I dish about my hair woes, wonderful finds or information I find to be helpful.

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You may not catch all of the posts here on Radiant Brown Beauty (unless you’re totally obsessed and I’m OK with that) so I’ve graciously compiled them all on one page (yahhh me!)

If you haven’t found the page yet, it’s here:

Medium Length Black Hair: Growth, Tips & Styles
The reason I titled the page as such is because if you have long hair you can benefit from the styles and if you have short hair you can benefit from the growth and other tips. Medium is somewhere in the middle. I have a combination of medium and long hair so I figured it would be appropriate to title the page as such.

On that page you will find articles grouped by the following topics:

  • Growing Black Hair
  • Protective Styling Natural Hair
  • Ayurvedic Black Hair Care
  • How to Style Natural Curls
  • How to Style Braids and Twists
  • General and Transitioning Information

It’s my goal to provide you with a comprehensive resource for natural hair care. As time goes on, I will be compiling my hair related posts (except product reviews) on that page so don’t forget to bookmark it ok? ;-)

You’ll also find this page linked in the right column along with Skin Care 101: Brown Skin Beauty under Hot Beauty and & Self Care 

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