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Doctor Oz’s 4 Cancer Fighting Foods

cancer fighting foods

Cancer Fighters: Notice Most of Them are GREEN


cancer fighting foods

In the spirit of helping you release your inner diva, I’ll not just share tips on skin and hair. From time to time, I’ll also share any intriguing and helpful information I come across to help you protect your health or get you more fit. That’s why I’m sharing what I’m about to share so please keep reading.

I’m rarely home during the week but last week I needed to get my daughter registered for college so I was able to come home and catch my favorite TV doctor, Doctor Oz.

Doctor Oz had another doctor on the show who shared 4 super foods that help cut your cancer risk by up to 25%. Most of these foods only require that you eat 1 cup per day.

After all, you can’t be all divalicious and stuff with gorgeous hair and skin if you aren’t also caring for your inner parts.  That’s why I’m sharing these cancer fighting foods with you. Just in case you missed that Doctor Oz episode :-)

Here are the 4 Cancer Fighting Foods

1 Cup of Lima Beans

1 Cup of Parsley


7 Apricots

I don’t know about you but some of these are not very palatable to me. For example, I’m not a fan of limes or apricots.  However, there are ways to get these cancer fighters into you without torturing your taste buds.

Learning to Love Lima Beans

For some, lima beans are an acquired taste.  If you aren’t a fan of them, try mixing them into rice or making them an ingredient in a homemade vegetable soup.

Making Limes More Tolerable

Limes can be squeezed into water and then sweetened with organic blue agave.  You’d squeeze 1/2 a cup of the lime juice into two cups of water. That way it’s not too tart. Add some fresh fruit pieces to it like watermelon chunks or orange slices and it’s much more tasty.

An Alternative to Fresh Apricots

Apricots can be consumed dried but they must be – organic all natural and sun dried. These can be found at health food stores.

Mixing It Up With Parsley

Parsley can be broken up and sprinkled into salads or even in pasta sauce. That’s how I get my dose of zucchini every now and then and it’s very delicious. Lima beans can also be added to salads.

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17 thoughts on “Doctor Oz’s 4 Cancer Fighting Foods

  1. “After all, you can’t be all divalicious and stuff with gorgeous hair and skin if you aren’t also caring for your inner parts.” This line is so true! I can do apricots, but the other ones cause me to think “Yuck” lol. I like the tips to make them more tolerable, because when it comes to our health we need to do as much as we can and if by eating some foods we don’t exactly love will help cut cancer risks, I’m on board!

  2. We drink lime juice all the time at our house. Lime, Water and Mauby are our go to drinks. We put parsley in everything we cook and I mean everything. We use Cinnamon a lot as well in cooking.

    As for the Lima Beans and Apricots I don’t really like them but if it helps keep you healthy then I say eat up.

  3. Dr. Oz has some good tips sometimes even though I think he is way too commercial. The four foods are actually really easy to integrate into different recipes so you don’t actually taste them by themselves. I don’t actually eat beans because of the phytic acid content (phytic acid causes your body to be unable to absorb certain nutrients) but I do love the rest of the cancer fighting foods! For the lime, you can make guacamole or a lime cake (grain-free for me!) For the parsley, I’ve taken to adding fresh parsley to my ground meat when making hamburgers. They’re fabulous! And the apricots are a fab addition to homemade trail mixes!

    Shared your post via FB, Twitter, and Google + :)

    You rock, lady!

    • Thanks Robin! you’re always a wealth of information :-) You know you need to do a guest post on him some day SOON.

      I’m not a fan of the beans which I may just eat once in a while for the health of it. BUT I love the idea of adding the parsley to the ground meat! I don’t eat ground beef but I do eat ground turkey and ground chicken. Going to try that. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. definitely love all of these foods, but not sure i can get down a whole cup of parsley. what would you eat that with? however, the limes (i used to eat them with sugar, haha!), apricots and lima beans are a go! i’ve used lima beans with a succotash dish before…tasty! thanks for the great post…inner + outer beauty combined!

    • Thanks Kim! I can’t down a whole cup of parsley either but if you dump it in some tomato sauce and let it cook it in, hey you’re getting it in. I think the idea is to just incorporate a bunch of these foods more regularly. Like I’m going to do lime juice and just drink it down

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