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EFFEN Vodka Art of Design Event

EFFEN Vodka Display

EFFEN Vodka Display

Last night I attended what was touted as an exclusive invite only event at the Empire Hotel in New York City hosted by EFFEN® Vodka. The event was to display some of the latest fashions while mixologists (I guess they aren’t called bartenders anymore) competed for the unofficial title of “Best Mixologist,” using EFFEN® Vodka of course.

EFFEN Vodka Art of Design

EFFEN Vodka Art of Design

Before I share more about my experience I have to say the name EFFEN® makes me feel like I’m cursing! Every time I mention it to someone I get a look. What do you think?

My husband accompanied me to the event and I’m glad he did because it was so packed and people acted like they didn’t have a sense of touch. You bump into someone and can’t say excuse me? Really?  If it weren’t for my husband buffering those around me, I may have had a fight.

EFFEN Vodka Event Crowd

The Crowd – BEFORE It Got Crowded

Anyway, back to the event….

I don’t really drink but I was looking forward to at least tasting a few of the creations. There were different stations set up. For example, there was Team Orange, Team Purple (my favorite) and a team focused solely on creating drinks with Cucumbers as the base.

The event fell short of my expectations for something that was supposed to be “exclusive.” Not only was I unable to vote for my favorite mixologists because they ran out of marbles (marbles were used to drop into bottles on the table of the mixologists of your choice), they also ran out of cups!

Correct me if I’m wrong. If you get an RSVP from say 800+ people, don’t you make sure you have enough cups for at least 5x that many people – considering you expect them to try at least 5 variations of drinks?

Don’t let me get started on the fact that liquor was everywhere but there was not a stitch of food in sight. Really? What kind of event has no food knowing that people will be drinking quite a bit? Not even cheese and crackers. SMH.

Anyway, hubby and I only stayed for about an hour because once the cups ran out, that was it. I believe they got more cups but I wasn’t going to stand around shoulder to shoulder with people until that happened. The evening would have been more pleasant if the venue were larger.

On another note, models were around  standing pretty but  it didn’t appear  much attention was paid to them. Perhaps EFFEN® Vodka should have rolled out the drinks after the fashions were shown.

EFFEN Vodka models

The Models

What I will say aside from the event planning issues, Team Purple offered the most delicious drink mix. It was so good I had to get the recipe so I could share it with you. Here you go:

EFFEN Vodka drink

EFFEN® Vodka drink

* EFFEN® Vodka (optional if you don’t drink. I think this would be a great virgin drink)
* Agave Nectar
* Passion & Hibiscus tea
* Lemon juice
* Sprite soda (just a splash)

Here are some more pics from the evening:

EFFEN Vodka Display

EFFEN Vodka Display – Team Purple

EFFEN Vodka Team Purple

Team Purple!

EFFEN Mixologist station

EFFEN Cucumber Mixologist station

EFEEN Vodka Team Purple

My Favorite Team Purple!

Rooftop of Empire Hotel

Rooftop View from Empire Hotel

To learn more about EFFEN® Vodka and the Art of Design, visit here: http://www.effenvodka.com

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