Pairing Colors & Patterns to Match Your Personality

Loving yourself by designing your wardrobe colors and patterns to match your unique personality.

how colors and patterns reflect  personality

Love. It’s assumed that if you don’t love anyone else, at least you love yourself. That couldn’t be more untrue. BUT, I love me some me! LOL OK. Was that a vain way to start this post or what?

Seriously though, loving yourself is more than just making sure you take care of your basic needs and wants. It’s got a lot to do with how you present yourself to the world.

How you dress each day sends a message to the world about who you are. Are you loving yourself by being true to your unique personality? True to what you really like? Fashion and beauty that is. (Hey, this is a beauty blog. Not some self help resource ha!)

What I mean is, are you afraid to rock a flaming red lip or a pair of hot pink pants for fear of what others may think of you? Well, I say forget what everybody else likes. What do you like? What does your fashion color palette say about your personality?

Being that February is deemed, the “month of love,” why not kick it off loving yourself by choosing to wear what is reflective of your own unique personality?

Maybe you’re not exactly sure what it is that you want your clothes to say about who you are. Here are some guidelines based on Color Psychology:


Yellow – You like order and can be a little over-analytical. You also have a cheerful disposition.

Blue – You like peace and strive to be friendly with others. Your’e reliable and sensitive.

Green – You are down to earth and well balanced but you can be needy at times.

Red – You’re daring and bold.

Purple – You’re sensitive, compassionate, understanding and supportive.

Black, Brown and Grey – You’re a bit mysterious but mostly independent and you thrive on power.

White – You are a sophisticated lady and feel empowered to make a statement. You’re probably also a neat-nick – pure as the driven snow. :-)

Neutrals – You have a simple outlook on life. You may be a minimalist and/or you’re generally low maintenance.

Bold colors – In general, you’re easily adaptable and very outgoing and social.


Colors aren’t the only ways you can incorporate your personality into your wardrobe. Patterns also make a statement. Here are some ideas:

Bows, Ruffles and Fringes – You’re a romantic at heart

Bohemian Patterns – You are free-spirited, whimsical, and romantic ❤

Bright, quirky patterns (ie, zig zag, floral and bold prints)- You may be eccentric and a bit of a risk taker

I am a lover of neturals and earthtones. I also prefer solid colors. That’s where my personality gravitates. While I do add a pop of color to my wardrobe from time to time, for the most part I keep it neutral. It may seem boring to some but it’s what I like and reflects who I am – low maintenance, independent, down to earth and reliable.

How about you? What colors and patterns match your personality?

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More info: Color Psychology | What your color says about your personality

Adorning and Beauty For The Holiday Season

make up look for the holidays

romantic rendezvous wantable box

A while back I shared a great find for accessory and beauty lovers: Wantable.

The Wantable Accessory Box has quickly become  a fave of mine. I just love love love getting goodies in the mail and what they have to offer is perfect for adorning yourself this holiday season. That’s why I decided to order the limited edition, Romantic Rendezvous Holiday Box:

wantable rendezvous box

One of the items in the holiday box was a set of Bella Beauty rollerball eye shadow. It’s exquisite! Imagine the looks you can create for all the holiday parties you plan to attend :-) The best part is you don’t even need to be a professional at applying eye shadow. All you need to do is roll the eyeshadow over your lid and use your fingers to blend. You can even layer the different colors.

The Romantic Rendezvous Box contains eye shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, drop earrings, a satin sleep mask and a metallic cosmetics bag. These holiday boxes are available in two other color themes: Majestic Masquerade (A golden confection of shimmer and shine with a beige sleep mask) and Starlight Soiree (Shimmering shades of sapphire and sterling with a navy blue sleep mask).

If the limited edition Holiday Boxes aren’t enough to pique your interest in Wantable, you may be intrigued by one of their other boxes: Intimates, Make Up, Accessories

Check out Wantable here (it’s an affiliate link but thank you should you choose to click it. I won’t earn $ but I can earn more Wantable accessories!

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Wantable Custom Boutique Accessories & Beauty Boxes



About a week ago I received an email I almost deleted. I’m very happy I didn’t. It was from a representative of Wantable, a fashion and beauty company offering subscription boxes containing full sized, premium beauty products or limited edition, personalized accessories.

wantable accesories box

I’m just going to get right to it. I think this may be one of the best subscription box companies around. I know there are ones for hair and other beauty products but jewelry and accessories?

Take a closer look at what i got in the box:

wantable neckaceEmily Necklace – Retail Value: $32


wantable accessoryGiszelle Bracelet – Retail Value: $24

wantable drop earrings Lisbeth Earrings – Retail Value: $20

That’s $78 worth of jewelry for only $36! I was so very impressed by what I received. It’s definitely worth the $36 I would have paid for if I had not received it complimentary for review. Not only are the pieces stunning, they are quite unique.

Phenomenal Customer Service

The only issue I had was the a stone had fallen out of the earring (you can see it in the photo) and was lying in the bag. It may have happened during transit, although it was packaged well.

I promptly contacted customer service and not only did they reply within less than 24 hours, they are already shipping me another piece of jewelry and are allowing me to keep this one! The customer rep said, “Maybe you can get someone to glue the stone in for you but we already have another stunning piece of jewelry (different) already on the way.” Now, that’s customer service. I’ll share it when it arrives. More excitement!

If you have a love for jewelry/accessories or beauty products, you may never get enough of what Wantable has to offer! And here’s the best part…

Subscribe or Buy a Single

You can subscribe for a box each month OR you can just purchase individual boxes whenever you like for only $4 more! You can also put your subscription on hold or skip a month at any time. But…

It gets better. Shipping is always free!

While I love the idea of receiving surprise pieces of high quality fashion and beauty products at great prices, I equally love that you can return something with no hassles if you don’t particularly care for it (which you should if you took the personal style quiz! :-)).

Earn Free Product

$36-$40 for a box of goodies as glorious as what Wantable offers is just the tip of the iceberg. If you turn others on to Wantable, you’ll earn $1 for every sign up and an extra $9 when they place their first order. Just 2 sign ups can cover 1/2 the cost of your next box!

About Wantable

Based in Milwaukee, WI, Wantable has a team of stylists and designers who work together to create a unique customer experience by bringing you the latest and greatest in beauty and fashion.

When you visit the Wantable site, you can complete a series of product and personality questions which aid in customizing your boxes with an assortment of products suited to your personal taste.

If you don’t like my jewelry, you’re blind. LOL I’m kidding. It just may not be your personal taste. It’s based on my personal taste so you’ll have to take the quiz before ordering, to make sure you get pieces based on your taste.

To Discover all the Wantable goodness, click here.

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