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Fashions Night Out in NYC 2012 Recap…Finally

QVC and me on Fashions Night Out

QVC and me on Fashions Night Out

I know. I know. This is wayyyyyyyy late. But I have a good reason for sharing my Fashion’s Night Out Experience days after it’s long gone. I was away for a couple of days working on my marriage :-) Sorry, can’t give you the deets on that. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to my 5th anniversary.

Anywho, I’ll keep this post kind of short since it’s old news. It’s mostly pic heavy. Below you’ll find some photos taken around NYC on Fashion’s Night Out.

Pop Up Events Around The City

Maybelline at Fashions Night Out 2012Maybelline

Ford Fusion at Fashions Night OutFord

Convertible Top Contest

2012 Fashions Night Out Event

My daughter entered a contest at a little boutique on Fashion’s Night Out. She took one of their convertible tops and tried to “fashion” it in a way that was most unique.  We haven’t heard from the store so she probably didn’t win. The top was cute though.

Me Hangin’ With QVC

QVC and Fashions Night Out

Fashions Night Out 2012

Bergdorf Window Displays

Last year’s Fashion’s Night Out at Bergdorf Goodman was an eye candy fiesta. There was a fabulous set up  of window displays and this year it was just as fabulous.  As a matter of fact, I look forward to making it up to 5th Avenue just for that.

Christian LouBoutin at BergdorfFashions Night Out event2012 Fashions Night Out Window Display

Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Night Out Display2012 Fashion Night Out Bergdorf Window DisplayDJ at 2012 Fashion Night Out BergdorThe strange Austin Powers looking DJ at Bergdorf’s 

All in all, this year’s Fashion’s Night Out wasn’t nearly as exciting for me as years prior. Tiffany & Co opened a new store in SOHO and their party for the night was let’s just say……WACK. The new store can’t compare to the original on 5th Avenue and it was boring. All they gave out with this cheesy chocolate bar:

Tiffany & Co Fashions Night Out 2012

I guess I should be thankful. No diet breaking there.

SOHO was filled with a number of “strange” individuals but I’ve seen stranger – like up in the Meat Packing District where most of the big players were (Maybeline, QVC, Scoop etc).

Strange Fashion for Fashions Night OutVERY Fashion STRANGE

The Beauty Bar handed out a bag filled with samples that were actually worth more than what was received throughout the rest of the night.

What was your Fashion Night Out Experience?

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