Radiant Brown Beauty’s Favorite Beauty Things Giveaway! (CLOSED)

WINNER: Jena Lei McDonald

(Congratulations! Email me your address here and I’ll get it right out to you)

beauty give awayDid you see the post I shared a little while back on One of Oprah’s Favorite Things Being One of My Favorite Things?

Well, if you did then that should have been a clue that I’m a favorite things kind of gal!

I love to give things away. I truly believe I’m blessed to be a blessing. Whenever I have it in my power to share things with other people I like to do so. That includes giveaways sponsored by others and giveaways I can sponsor from my own funds. And with that though, here’s the official announcement:

The rules are simple. You must be 18 or older and reside in the contiguous 48 states. The winner will be announced on December 17th in honor of my daughter’s birthday. Just complete the required actions in the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win. That’s it!

If you want extra entries, complete the optional actions as well.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Godspeed to you and Happy Holidays!

brown beauty gal


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  5. I am looking forward to it all! But I think I’m most looking forward to that Exotic Almond Cocoa Cream. OMG that cream smells divine!!!!

    Great giveaway, Michelle. And you are right, Christmas is all about giving and not SANTA lol

    • :-) I think some people on YT got mad at me for saying that. Oh well

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  13. Maxine

    All of these products look and sound amazing but nail polish is my true love :)

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  19. Pingback: Ysanne McIntosh
  20. The nail polish, of course! :)

  21. Pingback: Christina Wang
  22. Joy

    Castor Oil please!!! :)

  23. I like your all things but I love mostly nail polish only.

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  31. Denise F


  32. Denise F

    Nail Tek please!!

  33. Pingback: Stephanie Kiggins
  34. Pingback: Omar Mcfadden
  35. steenacakez

    The nail polishes!

  36. Laura

    The Nail Tek II! My job is brutal for my nails.

  37. Pingback: Michelle
  38. stephanie kiggins

    sinful colors gold polish

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  40. Pingback: Amy
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  44. leo

    I love the nail polishes

  45. Ashley Hurley

    I would love to win/try the bath soap saver with the yummy soap inside!

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  48. Pingback: Michelle
  49. Kat

    I love the all prizes :)

  50. Pingback: Ysanne McIntosh
  51. Pingback: Joretta Foster
  52. Pingback: Joretta Foster
  53. Joretta Foster

    the conditioner. i would love to try it. oh and the soap

  54. Alexis Lashay

    I really want to try the hair products especially the leave in conditioner

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  58. April

    I love the Jamaican black castor oil….it’s been on my wish list forever!

    • Hey April you will LOVE it if you win. If you don’t win hit up Amazon!

  59. If I win I would be most excited to smell the coconut lemon grass items. Lol You seem to enjoy the smell and I really love coconut scented things. Also, I looooove Sinful Colors so this would be really awesome. Happy Holidays!

    • Happy Holidays to you too! Yes, coconut is yummy!

  60. Lyrik

    thx for your generosity my yt name is sexyeyecandy102 and dont matter what i win hun

    • you’re welcome! thanks for entering

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  63. Pingback: Brenda Burgess
  64. Mrs Leah

    Nail polish!!! Fingers crossed ;)

  65. Brenda Burgess

    you tube name: Brenda Burgess

  66. Brenda Burgess

    sweet almond cooca cream

  67. Pingback: Omar Mcfadden
  68. Micheal

    Youtube: embracingmycurls75

  69. Micheal

    I would like the polish!! I can’t afford that on my own!

  70. Micheal

    I want it all!!!! Just Kidding MIchelle!!

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  73. Pingback: Tasha
  74. La Shan

    I love the Jamaican black castor oil :)

  75. Pingback: Omar Mcfadden
  76. Subscribed on Youtube: tatertot003

  77. Every product in the basket looks amazing. I would love to win the Nail Tek because my nails are so so flimsy. Thanks for the giveaway good luck everyone!

    • That Nail Tek is it! It’s expensive but it’s really worth it. I’ll use nothing else. I tried all the Sally Hansen stuff and it doesn’t work for preventing my nails from breaking

  78. Pingback: shy
  79. shy mckoy

    i would love to win the candle and soap

  80. Evette Lebron-Dames

    Love everything coconut and Lemongrass!

  81. Pingback: Ysanne McIntosh
  82. I love the CoverGirl Outlast fingernail polish colour! Although the Nail Tek sounds like something I should be using.

  83. Pingback: Reces Pieces
  84. Yana

    Love that nail polish! both of them!

  85. YouTube : SoCymple

  86. You know anything related to nails or hair is allllllll me! Can’t wait for the drawing! =)

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  88. Pingback: JT
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  90. Pingback: TIFFANY MILLICAN
  91. Angela Phelps

    Jamaican black castor oil. I have recently did the big chop and it would help me in my hair journey.

  92. D. Sulcer

    Jamaican black castor oil has helped me with my healthy hair journey. My fav…

  93. Pingback: Ysanne McIntosh
  94. I am most excited about the Jamila Henna. I love henna and use it on my hair

  95. Pingback: SavvyMomNYC - Ker
  96. Pingback: Michelle
  97. Woohoo! Giveaway time! Hope I win,Michelle!

    • :-) you know I love give aways!

  98. Wow, you are giving away some wonderful things. Jamaican Black castor oil is a favorite of mine too.

    Jesus is the reason for the season.

    Merry Christmas!

  99. TRESHA Mcfadden

    purifiedhealth08 youtube name

  100. TRESHA Mcfadden

    Jamaican black castor oil



  102. Calli

    The nail polishes!

  103. Ysanne

    Why do I have to name only one thing? shoot!! I really wanna try the coconut lemon grass soap (reminds me of back home, Jamaica), JBCO is a must, the henna and the nail tek.

  104. Love the soap holder! The Gold nail polish and I bet that candle smells awesome!

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