23 Nov

Finance Friday: Credit Cards on Ice?

frozen credit cards on ice

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate, or rather drastic measures.

frozen credit cards on ice

Welcome to the next installment of Finance Friday!

If you are having difficulty reigning in your spending, specifically where credit cards are concerned, then it may be time to put them on ice. Literally.

When I started this journey to get my finances in order, I would leave my credit cards at home. I wouldn’t carry them in my wallet so that I wouldn’t use them when I was out. But what about when I got home?

As Seen on TV commercials get me all the time! OK, maybe not all the time but a lot of the time.

  • The Oreck Vacuum Cleaner
  • The Sonic Scrubber
  • The Oreck Air Purifier
  • Twist ‘N Clips
  • The Food Saver
  • The Ninja
  • The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer

This list could continue on and on. There are some things I’m sure I don’t even remember purchasing. The point I’m making is each of these items has something in common. They were all purchased with my credit cards on a whim after seeing an As Seen on TV commercial!

At the rate I was going, I would have owned been in debt to purchasing everything that caught my eye on television. I had to do something.

I remember reading somewhere that you should freeze your credit cards until you pay them off. Putting all my credit cards in a plastic baggie and then immersing that baggie in a bottle of water that I froze was my drastic measure.

My credit cards have been in the freezer for over 4 months. Initially, I would get tempted to unfreeze them when I saw something I really wanted. Then, I’d get distracted and forget all about it. Plus, it would take work breaking up that block of ice!

Having my credit cards in the freezer has allowed me to pay off a significant chunk of my debt. It’s like that Rotisserie Set it or Forget it Oven (Wait, I saw that on As Seen on TV too LOL).

Seriously though, if you plan to amass any kind of wealth you can not have credit card debt. Besides, debt is a harsh task masker. More on that on our next Finance Friday post in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Finance Friday: Credit Cards on Ice?

  1. I never thought that you are able to freeze your credit cards. However, for me it is good to freeze your card because you can easily spend money to buy everything you need.

  2. LOL!!! When I read that you froze your credit cards, I thought that you meant figuratively and over the phone! When I saw that you LITERALLY froze them, I started cracking up! That is AWESOME!!! I think I’ve actually seen that before, but completely forgot about it. Fortunately, I learned to fear credit a LONG, LONG time ago. In college and right out of it, it took me years to pay off $600 or so in charges b/c my mom was getting the bill, never sent it to me, never paid it. So, I started getting late fees and then over the limit fees until it was probably only about $1200 now that I think about it. But, I was broke and could only make the minimal payment, maybe a little more, so it took YEARS to pay off. I pretty much stopped having a running balance on any credit card from then on out. Burned too badly and saw the scam. I paid off my student loans at about 30 and the only thing I pay interest on now is my house and my car …. and the car made me mad, b/c I bought a Mustang convertible in 2001 when they were doing no interest for 5 year deals after 9/11. Well, I totaled the Mustang the month before my last payment *CRYING*. So, I used a small amount of the insurance payment to buy a used car for a $3K and drove that around for a few years. So, when I finally had to buy a new car in 2010, I was MAD to even have to pay a 1.9% interest rate. LOL!!

    Now I’m going to watch your top 5 tips video, just b/c I want to see your big hair in action!!!

    • LOL See now I know some people would think its funny but like I said. “Drastic times call for drastic measures.” Just the the PJ syndrome, I get soooooo attracted to buying “stuff” I get off track.

      Soooo, yup I froze those suckers. Now I’m living on cash (sucks too lol) until I get it all squared off.

      Big hair? Ha! i guess for me! I am doing this other hair growth challenge too. It’s actually a contest so let’s see if I can win!

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