21 Dec

Finance Friday: When There’s No Money for Christmas

how to spend christmas

Christmas isn’t all about the giving of gifts and eating all you can until you explode. On the contrary; Christmas is about Jesus and what He came to GIVE the world.

how to spend christmas

Gospel-inspired holiday musical “Black Nativity” written by Langston Hughes

While December 25th isn’t Jesus’ actual birthday, Christians everywhere celebrate the day symbolically to commemorate all that Christ has done for mankind.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy gifts or receive gifts from people. Don’t get me wrong. I think that part of the Christmas spirit encompasses giving and receiving. It’s a small way to show appreciation for those whom you love.

But what happens when you don’t have enough money in your budget to buy gifts for people you love?

Do you whip out your credit cards and go into debt to fulfill your obligation?


Here are some ideas to celebrate Christmas when funds are short or non-existent:

* Focus on the true meaning of Christmas sharing Bible scriptures with your family while drinking warm glasses of cider or chocolate.

* Make gifts (Ex: natural hair cream, scrap books, picture collages)

* Have every person you’ll be celebrating Christmas with, write down and share 3 things they like about each person there. Nobody should sign their name. These will be surprise. Throw all of the compliments into a big pile and each one take a turn reading all of the wonderful things written about each other. You can then take turns trying to figure out who wrote what.

* Spend time as a family volunteering. There’s no greater way to show God’s love that to give your time to others in need

* Celebrate to a meal with many of your favorite foods. Who says Christmas has to be about mac & cheese, potatoes, collard greens and chicken/turkey?! Why not have a meal with family or friends that consists of your favorite foods? It could include chicken, pizza, burgers, etc. The choices are limitless. The idea is to make it special.

You may not be strapped for cash this Christmas and God bless you (clearly He already has!) if you aren’t. If you are, don’t let the lack of finances keep you from celebrating or observing one of the most precious observed days of the year.

How will you be spending Christmas this year?

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