19 Dec

Fitness and Fun – Day 1!

Slim in 6 Workout Program

Finally! I received my Slim in 6 DVD Workout program. I thought it would never arrive!

Slim in 6 Workout Program

I’ve been so psyched to start this program. I totally get ADD when it comes to work out programs so I have to stay super pumped up and have fun with this in order to stay motivated and finish it up.

Day 1 Observations and First Impression

First off, I have to say I procrastinated on starting day one today. I’m not feeling well (congestion) and just didn’t feel like it. But how I feel has nothing to do with it. I have goals to meet and I plan to meet them.  So, on to my first impressions of this Slim in 6 program.  I’m on phase 1, Start It Up (Phases 2 and 3 are Ramp it Up and Burn it Up…not there yet):

  • The Start It Up workout was 34 minutes and while I can see how the moves are going to transform my body, I did not like how Debbi conducted the workout. Normally, the trainer, DVD personality, or whatever you want to call them, will prepare you for a change. Debbi just goes right into the next exercise with no instruction. That I don’t like but I guess I’ll get used to it.
  • I read their various eating plans but I am focusing on tracking my food intake with Weight Watchers. The last time I tried to restrict my diet, I failed miserably.
  • The best part of phase one’s workout to me was the stretch. The stretching exercises are deep stretches and feel so good! I like that the stretching portion of the workout was over 6 minutes. I really needed it too! I did a lot of squats and kicks so my legs needed those stretches.

Won’t You Join Me?

The Slim in 6 Program has a ton of tools in it. In the video below, I share my unboxing of it as well as sharing my 2013 Goals to get in the most fit shape I’ve ever been by the time I’m 45 (just 1 short year and a couple weeks away at the time of this writing):

So, here’s where you come in. You don’t have to buy Slim in 6 (However, it is on sale right now here). You can use any work out program you like. Let’s motivate each other and have some fun with this!

For the next 29 days I’ll be sharing my ups, downs and even my crazy moments with getting fit (oh and I’m sure there will be plenty….can anyone say farting while doing squats? LOL!)

Tomorrow I’ll be coupling the Start It Up workout with the 15 minute Slim & 6 Pack workout. Abs here I come!

NOTE: I’ll be posting the fun and fitness updates each night after 7pm ET. I need time to get everything together, especially the days where I share video

Will you join me for the next 30 days to get fit and have fun while doing it?

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6 thoughts on “Fitness and Fun – Day 1!

  1. Hey Michelle! I’ve been looking over my fitness goals and plans from this year trying to figure out where I went wrong. I’m not gonna give up though! I’m gonna figure out what worked from my programs (and what didn’t) and get back started with something! I will be reading and following along with your fitness journey for tips and encouragement :-)

    Thanks for sharing! You are always an inspiration and big help to me <3

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