24 Dec

Fitness and Fun Day 3 – How to Make It Fun

Slim in 6 Workout Program

Technically today would be day 5 but since I’m not blogging on the weekends, today is day 3!

Slim in 6 Workout Program

So, did you see the video of me working it out on Day 2? Something huh? We won’t say what LOL.  There will be more videos of me working it out in phase 2, Ramp It Up and phase 3, Burn it Up.

Today let’s talk about making your workouts more fun. Here are some of my suggestions:

* Push yourself but not to the point that you burn out. That’s no fun. The feeling of knowing you’ve put your all into a workout on the other hand is quite fulfilling.

* If the music that’s a part of your workout video sucks, once you’vemastered the moves, mute that music out and put on something you can really jam to! It will keep you motivated and you’ll have tons more fun.

* Switch things up. Sometimes, the monotony of doing one work out again and again, will demotivate you. You want to keep it fun so make sure you have a ton of workout DVDs at your disposal. Although, I’m sticking with Slim in 6 for the full six weeks, once this is over I’ll be back to switching things up.

What workout routines are you currently focusing on and how do you make them fun?

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