20 Feb

Get Naked and Release Your Inhibitions

spa castle

A trip to Spa Castle brought out some thangs!

spa castle

This month is all about loving yourself. My birthday was last month. My sister, daughter, niece and some friends spent a day at Spa Castle.

Treating myself is not something I do often. It’s usually because of one of two things: I don’t have the $ to do what I’d like or I don’t have the time.

Well, last month at Sa Castle I discovered something interesting about myself and others. Amidst the relaxing saunas, ice pools, relaxation rooms and jacuzzis, I discovered how liberating Getting naked in front of strangers can be!

Now, let me clean that up a bit….

It’s not that I just couldn’t wait to get naked in front of other people. On the contrary. When we first got to Spa Castle, I must admit. I was overwhelmed by the freeness by which women walked around nude, lying around in the hot tubs and saunas.

There was all sorts of “bodies” there. I think I saw enough tits and slits to last a lifetime. Lawd! Women were bending over and….you get the point. It was cray cray! I just could not understand it. This was different than just changing clothes in a girls locker room. It was like walking around naked at home and then inviting friends over!

Even getting naked in front my own family members felt weird. However, by the end of the day I felt free LOL. It took a minute though.

Now, don’t let me give you the incomplete idea. The entire spa isn’t a nudist camp. There’s one specific area where it’s clothes free. The thing is, it’s the first area you “bump” into.  When you go upstairs, you have to put on clothing though. There’s a fabulous rooftop jacuzzi:


Have you ever gone to a spa where people were au naturale?

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    • With all the cellulite and stuff I caught a glimpse of, you’d not be concerned at all LOL. I figured everybody had some kind of issues…even the skinny gals so who am I to worry

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