CLOSED Giveaway: Twist ‘N Clips with Tattletails

Twist N Clips Give Away

Some months back I was watching TV and saw a commercial for the Twist ‘N Clips (Also known as Twisty Clips. I believe they changed the name). I knew I had to have them because for one, I’m a hair accessory junkie and for two, I’m a hair accessory junkie.

No, seriously. I love hair accessories and the thought of yet another one with the cute little tattle tail was irresistible.

More Than A Hair Accessory

The Twist ‘N Clip is more than a hair accessory too. The Twist ‘N Clip enables you to style your hair in up-dos and half up-do’s. It holds even the thickest of hair in place for a full day without causing any damage to the hair. They’re really easy to use too! Check out some of my Twist ‘N Clips Styles and Product Review here.

Little did I know many months back that my As Seen on TV buying fettish would lead to the creator of the Twist ‘N Clip contacting me. Her name is Rachel. When she saw my review of the Twist ‘N Clips, she contacted me to thank me and to offer me additional clips to do with as I wish.

How nice was that?

But there’s more.

You Can’t Buy These

The Twist ‘N Clips that Rachel sent me are not like the ones available on As Seen on TV or in stores. These are yet to be released Twist ‘N Clips AND Tattletail sets. If you were to buy them from As Seen on TV or in stores, you couldn’t buy a set in different sizes or two colors. Here’s what Rachel sent me:

  • 4 Tattletails (2 Sterling Silver and 2 Crystal – all different styles)
  • 3 Clips – Hot Pink, Yellow and Orange
  • 3 Boxed Sets that include include 1 Tattletail and 4 clips each

That brings my total of Twist ‘N Clips and Tattletails to 23 and 9 respectively! I love them but I don’t need that many (but yeah, I’m keeping those colored ones and those extra tattletails)

I could give these away to family but they wouldn’t appreciate me as much as you would for winning them. Besides, you’re like family too :-)

Enter to Win

Now that all the gushing and sharing is out of the way, let’s get you entered to win.  I’ll be giving away two of the three boxes of Twist ‘N Clip Sets that I received.

The contest is open to residents of the United States only and will end on August 24th at 12:01am ET. Sorry y’all shipping isn’t cheap. Now, here’s how you can win a box:

  1. Leave a comment below sharing what you like about the Twist ‘N Clips – MANDATORY
  2. Gain extra entries by visiting the little Rafflecopter below. The more entries the better.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Now, some of you may think I’m making you jump through hoops to win one of these boxes of Twist ‘N Clips. Well, kind of but hey, check out all that you’d be getting for FREE:

  • 2 Black Clips (1 Regular & 1 Jumbo)
  • 2 Bronze Clips (1 Regular & 1 Jumbo)
  • 1 Decorative Tattle Tail
  • Free shipping of all this goodness

So yeah, get as many entries as you can but for the love of God, don’t fake it. All entries will be checked. That’s right. I don’t care if there a thousand.  No cheaters allowed!

:-) Love you,

brown beauty gal

50 thoughts on “CLOSED Giveaway: Twist ‘N Clips with Tattletails

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  2. What a cute invention! I would use this on my 8 year old niece’s hair. I think she would love the tattle tail. (this is not an entry into the give away though lol I just wanted to comment)
    Miss Leah recently posted..Thanks Renee!

    • Girl I love these. They actually hold very thick hair. I even like the tattle tails lol. You can pin them so they don’t hang too

  3. I love the simplicity of the doo-hickey but you end up with a FAB style! Would love to play with these in Chloe’s hair…you did say it would hold even in thick hair, right???

    • It really did surprise me that it could hold as much hair as it does. Really, since you are twisting your hair up, if you think about it, it’s only holding the end and through the root.

  4. I love that they are simple and not complicated to use yet add a sophisticated look to you hair do.

  5. my ten year old would love wearing these to school the tattle tail is what would have her loving these and the cute up dos

    • LOL everyone is talking about giving these to children..Um I’m starting to feel some kind of way about that!
      I think they will work for anybody’s hair honestly.

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  11. I remember these things from the 80s! They were called Topsy Turvys over here I think or maybe Topsy Tails! They were advertised in commercial breaks and you had to call a premium number to order them so I wasn’t allowed!! I worked out how to create the look without them, but it didn’t hold *quite* as well!! Funny memory!
    Rebecca Goodyear recently posted..JASON Natural Care Brightening Apricot Scrubble

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  24. Id love ot win your lovely hair clips especially with this heat were experiencing this summer

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  30. OMG!!!! I’ve never won anything in my life…well that I can remember now!!!! I promise to not only use these in Chloe’s hair but in my medium length curls too!!!!! I’d first like to start by thanking God….lol…my acceptance speech!

  31. Pingback: Michelle
  32. I got my clips yesterday!!! I’m going to play with them this weekend. I’ll take pics and forward to you! Still can’t believe I won!!!

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