10 Dec

The “Good Hair” Conversation

good hair

There’s been a long time debate on the subject of “good hair. We’ve seen the movie by Chris Rock, Good Hair (entertaining but not sure I agree with all the points).

Does good hair exist? I submit to you that it DOES exist. Watch this video and let me know your take on it:


brown beauty gal

7 thoughts on “The “Good Hair” Conversation

  1. I really enjoy the topic you have shared. Good thing you have the good hair conversation, it can help people with fuzzy hair to have a beautiful hair too. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Great message, Michelle!!

    Unfortunately, the last few months I haven’t taken good care of my hair. So, I guess my hair would be called Okay Hair! :)

    I need to really get back into a moisturizing schedule!!

    Love the video too!! Woohoo. Did you use natural light for this??

    • Hi Jennifer- I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes I use natural light. I’ve always struggled with the whole video lighting thing. I bought lights and they still didn’t work out too well. I found that one room in my house gets pretty good lighting so I use that one :-)

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