07 Apr

Newbie Bentonite Clay Wash Experience

bentonite clay wash

In an effort to get back to the root of natural living, I decided to try my hand at clay washes.

bentonite clay

After doing some research, it appears that bentonite clay is commonly used for ayurvedic hair washes and it’s quite inexpensive.

Well, inexpensive is good because if I mucked it up, I didn’t want to be out of a great deal of money! And it’s a good thing because I had quite an experience!

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bentonite clay mess

I don’t even understand how I made such a mess! I mean… I’m a henna pro! I apply henna with little to no drippage and I never have to clean up a mess. At least, now I don’t :-) When I first started applying henna to my head, my tub looked like I killed a small animal.

Part of the mess I made was using a bogus recipe I found online. I should have looked for what the masses recommended instead of what 1 lone ranger website had to offer. My bad.

I followed a recipe (not going to rat out the website!) that yielded the worst bentonite clay mix ever. The recipe called for 1 cup of bentonite clay mixed with 1/4 cup of water.

First off, a full cup of bentonite clay needs a lot more than a 1/4 cup of water to mix it to a smooth consistency that’s also not runny. I had to keep adding what appeared to amount to maybe 2 cups of water. I just kept adding water until I could get the mixture smooth. Eventually, I settled for this lumpy mess and decided to make it a full body wash!

clay wash

Second off, to do a simple hair wash with bentonite clay all I really needed was maybe a few tablespoons of the bentonite clay – not a whole darn cup full! Next time…

In spite of the crazy mess I made, the experience of a full body clay wash was wonderful! My skin was so smooth – I mean smooth in places that are not copasetic to share!

My hair also felt wonderful afterward. I mean hair AND scalp felt so clean and even detoxed.

While, I didn’t leave the clay wash on for long, my curls immediate became their perkiest:

poppin' curls

I have tons of bentonite clay left so I will be trying this again. Oh, and since my skin felt amazing the body washes will continue as well :-)

Lesson learned: Take online recipes with a grain of salt and use a little common sense!

bentonite clay wash

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31 Mar

I’m Trending…Ha! : My 2014 Spring Hair Regimen

natural hair care products

Simplified natural hair regimen

natural hair regimen

Spring has finally sprung here in New York. After the numerous snow storms and frigid temperatures, we are finally starting to see “growth.”

Just as springtime brings about all sorts of beautiful change, our hair also tends to go through change. It’s during this time that I opt to revise my hair regimen.

A lot of the reason I am changing my hair regimen is because I’m eliminating many of the products I use. I am done being a product junky and as I mentioned in my last post sharing What to Do When Your Hair Growth Stalls, I’m not going to cut down on all the things I’ve been doing to grow my hair.

Anyhwo, about this new revised regimen; here it is:

natural hair care products


– Every other day, lightly oil hair with Argan or Apricot Castor Oil to prevent SSKs
– Every other day, oil scalp with a mix of Jojoba/Rosemary/Eucalyptus Oils to keep scalp stimulated


– 2 to 3 times a week, add moisture to mid shaft down to ends of hair using Eden’s Heart Oatmilk and Honey Daily Conditioner

– On Wash Day (Usually Saturday but sometimes Fridays), I steam hair with the Q-Redew Steamer to open my hair shaft up for the pre-poo

deep conditioning products

– Pre-poo for an hour (sometimes over night) with a mix of coconut oil mixed with Aubrey Organics GPB or Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner

– Wash hair, alternating Eden’s Bodyworks Coco-Shea Cleansing Co-wash and Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo

– Deep condition with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask, using my new Hot Head Microwaveable Conditioning Cap for 15-20 minutes

– Rinse out deep conditioner with cold water and blot excess water with an old t-shirt

– Apple Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In or Salerm 21 Leave In (I have to re-up this because I’m adding it back to my rotation.)

– Seal hair with Jojoba, Apricot Castor, Almond or Avocado Oil

– Apply styler (usually Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie) with a mix of Aloe Vera Gel. Then, proceed to detangle my hair using a combination of my fingers and a seamless large tooth comb

– Braid or twist hair in medium to large sections. Optional: Roll ends with perm rods – sometimes I’ll just bun my twists, leaving the ends exposed to curl under)

– While twisting/braid the sections, I trim any SSKs or balls on the ends of individual hairs

– Allow hair to air dry


Nightly: Put hair up in a high bun/french roll/4 large twists and cover with a satin scarf or silk bonnet


– Protein treatment using either Shea Moisture Anti-breakage Mask or Eden’s Heart Intensive Moisture Mask

– ACV rinse (this also helps make finger detangling easier)

I henna my hair quarterly to cover grey hairs and that won’t change but other than that, my hair care regimen is very much simplified from what I used to do. Less is more….at least for my fine hair.

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26 Mar

All My Love for Eden’s Heart and a Discount!

Eden's Heart Products

Eden's Heart Products

I’ve been using Eden’s Heart products for just over a month now. To say that I am so very pleased with this product line is an under statement. I’m already almost done with the Oatmilk and Honey Daily Conditioner…time to re-up! So you don’t miss a beat, I ‘m posting all of the videos sharing my experiences using the Eden’s Heart line of products right here on this post. Below you’ll find the videos I’ve recorded reviewing the products from first impressions to implementation. And so you can get you some of these yummy hair products, the Creator, Cassandre has graciously offered my readers a 15% discount code! All you need to do is hop on over to http://edensheart.com and use coupon code RadiantBrownBeauty15 at check out. (I may have to cash in on this one myself LOL!). The discount code expires on Friday, April 4, 2014 so don’t procrastinate (Yeah, I know how you do. I do it too LOL).

Need a little more info? Check out the videos:

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