Styling Natural Hair With Less Product for Great Results

natural hair styling

Last week I did a video collaboration with DiscoveringNatural on YouTube. I had so much fun with this because normally when I style my hair, I use a ton of different products to achieve the desired results.

This time around I decided to give it a whirl by using very little product. I did an oil rinse followed by what I like to call an express wash ‘n go! I only used 1 product for that wash and go and no it wasn’t gel! Check it out:

And here’s DiscoveringNatural’s style video:

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In Review: That Curl Holistic Hair Products

that curl holistic hair care

moisturized natural hair

When it comes to hair care products, I look for products that are all natural. I try to use natural skin care products as well but I’ve not completely given up products without chemicals. I just try to make sure they are really low on the ingredient list.

Why I’m able to keep it all natural with my hair products and not my skin care products is a bit of a mystery to me. Well, maybe not a mystery. I like so many skin care products that are not all natural that it’s hard to give them up. Where my hair is concerned I really love the natural products available much more than those with chemicals.

That’s why I was thrilled when Veronica of That Curl reached out to me to do a review of the holistic care products in her hair line.

that curl holistic hair care

I reviewed all 4 holistic hair care products from That Curl:

  • That Curl Aloe Vera Shampoo
  • That Curl Leave In Conditioner
  • That Curl Detangling Herbal Mist
  • That Curl Hair & Body Balm

Check out my video review of the That Curl products:

In the video, I don’t mention price but upon visiting the website, it appears the hair and body balm is $30. That’s a little much to me so while I do love the product it more than likely won’t become a staple (darn!). I have to stick with my budget!

For more information on That Curl holistic hair products, visit

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Green House Effect Fall Challenge 2013


This past Saturday I kicked off a Green House Effect Challenge. The Green House Effect regimen created by The Real Queens Regimen has been found to increase the rate of hair growth by stimulating the production of sebum and moisture in the scalp.

If you’re interested in joining this challenge (it runs for 3 months), please watch the following videos below. Also, so that you stay in the know, please like the Radiant Brown Beauty Facebook page and subscribe to the Radiant Brown Beauty YouTube channel. I will be providing regular updates throughout the challenge over there..

Green House Effect Challenge Kick Off:

Green House Effect Challenge FAQs:

The goal of the Green House Effect Challenge is to grow 3 inches of hair in 3 months while also increasing the moisture levels and pliability of your hair. Some will grow more and others less. The important point to note is that you should do your personal best to be consistent on the challenge. Your results will be YOUR personal best.

Another thing that I didn’t mention in either of the videos, it’s best to use all natural hair products. I recently changed the products that I use in my hair regimen to become more natural. Click the link if you’re interested in my updated 2014 complete natural hair regimen with products.

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