Twists Challenge: Week 2 Recap

Last week was pretty uneventful as far as my hair was  concerned. For the most part I had in large twists and just bunned them for most of the week. It made for easy “exercise hair.”

after work out twistsdKinda rachet I know. Just finished a workout!

Toward the end of the week, I did a little light finger detangling, washed a day early and came up with this cute little “kiddie style” that made my twists look plump and lush.

large twists
twists in a ponytail

While, I know that the twist challenge is helping me retain length due to the low manipulation styling (hey, that’s why I started it in the first place!) I’m really looking forward to it to being over! I got a little shopping  happy and purchased some hair accessories that I can’t wait to rock but aren’t really appropriate for twists. Think buns :-)

In a little less than two weeks, my twist challenge will be over and I’ll be doing some wash ‘n go’s, twist out’s and buns. I only expect my twist outs and wash ‘n go’s to last 2-3 days so that I can rock some textured buns. Stay tuned!

brown beauty gal

Twists Challenge: Week 1 Recap

On Mother’s Day I kicked off a 30 Day Twists Challenge. Touching base with ladies over on the Facebook Group, It’s All About The Curls. This challenge was birthed to help us busy moms to tuck our hair away and go about the regular business or busy-ness of life without worrying about our hair.

Here’s how I styled my twists for most of the week:

twists updo
twists bun

So easy and low manipulation. I didn’t capture every single style because I mostly just stuffed my twists into a ponytail.

On Friday night, I released my twists to pre-poo and lightly finger detangle my hair. On Saturday morning, I washed my hair and back into twists I went.

Here’s the results of my twists being released after almost a week:

back of released twists

side of twist out
twist out defined

Bam! It’s crazy right? I get my best twist out ever and I hadn’t even planned it LOL.

Since this IS a twists challenge, I had to put my twists back in but this time I put in large twists because 1- I was rushing to get to
an event and 2- It’s easier to pin them back or up and go each morning :-)

large twists

At the end of June I will be getting a trim for the first time since July of last year. I’m wrapping up a hair growth contest hosted by SistaWithReal Hair. I will do a length check before my trim. Stay tuned!

brown beauty gal