Hairscapades Bun Challenge Kickoff Video!

bun protective style challenge

As mentioned on Friday, Shelli from Hairscapades kicked off a Bunning Hair Challenge. It started yesterday and I created this quick video to share my pre-bun hairstyle (also a bun LOL) as well as my Day 1 bun (Watch til the end for a blooper that has people in stitches!)

The purpose of the challenge is to see how much length you can retain over a two month period by styling your hair in a bun as a protective style.

It’s not too late to join this winter hair challenge. Let me know in the comments section if you’ll be joining us!

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  2. You’re doing 40 different buns??!?! See, my plan is 8 buns … same bun for the 5-6 days, maybe taking down to re-moisturize once during the week. Low manip baby!! :)
    Shelli recently posted..Sock Bun Tutorials

    • I know I know but I have Hair ADD!! LOL. I will do a diff. bun each day but they will be low mania. I’m not going to do a lot of fancy stuff this go around. I may just switch up the bang or position of the bun is all. I’m being very careful too and not doing any detangling until the weekends.

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