07 Sep

Healthy Living: What’s Lurking In My Kitchen

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Healthy living is a lifestyle that doesn’t happen by chance. Fitness and health should be just as important as the appearance of your hair, skin and nails.

In this video I give you a quick tour of my kitchen cabinets and freezers. I share the good foods and the foods that should probably not be purchased again!

So what’s lurking in your kitchen? Have you been inspired to eat a little healthier?

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12 thoughts on “Healthy Living: What’s Lurking In My Kitchen

  1. I haven’t sen quinoa spaghetti. can you post the brand here? I do have quinoa spirals. Speaking of spaghetti, I was watching a video were they made zuchinni spaghetti with a spiralizer. I intend on getting one of those. :)

    • I can’t recall the brand off hand. I got it from Whole Foods though.

      I’ve heard of the zucchini pasta too but haven’t tried it. Right now I shred it and put it in pasta sauce. I had it grilled and am developing a tolerance for it lol I like it in the sauce though

  2. I love that you have quinoa and coconut oil in your cabinet. Quinoa is a great grain substitute packed with protein, and coconut oil is the best oil you can use, loaded with with anitviral, antifungal lauric acid. It is excellent for the immune system, and its medium chain triglycerides are easily converted into energy.

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