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June is Acne Awareness Month


It never fails. Just prior to getting my monthly friend, I experience some kind of breakout. Hormones. That and probably the fact that I still have a relationship with sweets.

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Excuse the appearance. I was about to Pre-Poo LOL

Anyway, with June being Acne Awareness month, I figured I’d share some of the anti-acne products that I’ve used in the past. Some are very helpful. Others, not so much for my skin. Just keep in mind that every woman’s skin is unique and some products work better for some than others. So, what I have to say is based on my own personal experience.  It’s not to prevent you from trying any of the products mentioned. There’s only one product line that I would never recommend to anyone and I have not listed them here.

Otherwise, you should do your own research and try what you think might be helpful for your own skin.

Burts Bees Acne Solutions Kit

Last year, Burts Bees did a give away to introduce their Acne Solutions Kit. I jumped on it because yall know how I like to get free stuff LOL.

This kit was OK for my skin. Others found it to be a little irritating. I found it to be soothing to the skin but the results were not what I expected. I didn’t even do a full review on it as planned. I used this acne kit off and on since as I mentioned, I only tend to have outbreaks around that time of month. If you’re a Burts Bees fan, you may want to give this a try. Read more information about Burts Bees Acne Solutions here.

Murad Anti-Acne Products

A gentle collection of anti-acne products, Murad did yield some results. It took a while though. I didn’t notice any change in the outbreak I had on my forehead for a while. This may actually be a good thing because anything that makes a quick and drastic change in your skin, may be too harsh. Read my full review of Murad Anti-Acne products here.

And here’s a new one…

AHA (Advanced Home Actives) Brazilian Peel Clear Acne Peel Kit

I received this kit a couple of weeks ago to review. I was not compensated to review it and I don’t have anything else to say about it…yet. That’s because I’ve yet to use it!

Since, it’s Acne Awareness month, I am actually eager to try this one. It’s going to be some time before I can provide a thorough review because I’ll need to use the kit for 30 days.

The AHA Brazilian Peel Kit includes acne control booster pads that need to be used daily and a brazilian facial peel to be used weekly.

The acne control booster pads contain 1% salicylic acid and the peel contains 25% glycolic acid  which exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells and lighten scars resulting from old acne outbreaks.

A two step process makes sense and I’m eager to try this, if even to see how my skin reacts to the high concentration of glycolic acid.  It also got some pretty good reviews from customers who purchased it from Sephora. Stay tuned for my review.

Want more information on treating Acne? Check out this article on Prophylactic vs. Therapeutic Acne Care

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