16 Jan

Own Your Natural Beauty Event in New York

kim coles and me

This past weekend I attended the Own Your Natural Beauty Practicum and Social.  This natural beauty event was hosted by Love Your Mane Events and co-hosted by Chic and Kinky.

The event was well attended from 10am to 8pm with about 250+ women. There was a ton of networking, lunch, workshops and shopping!

I met JennellyBean from Kinky Curly Coily Me (yeah check out her blog). She has such a thick head of hair and plenty tips to share.

The highlight of the day for me was meeting Kim Coles. She has such a sweet spirit. She’s down to earth and very comfortable with who she is.  Check out this clip of Kim’s presentation (sorry but you gotta ignore dude hacking in the background):

As you can see, Kim’s still got a great sense of humor and she’s genuinely real. I only caught half of her presentation since I had to leave for church but sitting with her during lunch and hearing her perspective on caring for natural hair was fascinating.

Coming from an industry town as she said, it’s usually expected for women to have long flowing hair. The fact that Kim’s chosen to embrace her natural self is refreshing and as you can see, she’s absolutely glowing.

Kim Coles

The Product Junkie Reared Her Ugly Head

Jane Carter productsIn addition to the presentation, I attended a workshop hosted by Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution. She provided an overview of her products and answered questions on coloring your hair.

OK so here’s where it gets good. If you are a product junkie, you would have been in heaven! So why did Jane offer my favorite Nourish and Shine for only $10!!! That stuff retails for $22-$24.

You know I got 2 right? I was going to buy 3 but figured that was overachieving :-) Plus, it would just sit in my hot apartment and just melt until I was ready to use it.

I also picked up a large jar of Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream after her adding some to my hair to define my curls. Umm it was only $15, originally retailing for $34.

While I do like Teri LaFlesh’s method, I am not always in a position to do it during the winter since you have to let your hair dry without manipulating.

Yep, There’s More

So you’d think my product purchases would stop at hair products right? Nope. I love supporting vendors at events, especially those who have something I really like!

The other seminar I attended was hosted by Kim Roxie, Creative Director of Lamik Beauty. Kim is an awesome presenter often infusing humor into her presentation. She shared how to reveal your beauty by providing product demonstrations using participants from the audience.

Kim also transformed my brows and gave me a little sexy. Check out my before and after pics:

eyebrows done by LamikLamik eyebrows

That’s not all but I have a lot to say on my next now acquisition so I’ll do so in another post.

brown beauty gal


13 thoughts on “Own Your Natural Beauty Event in New York

  1. You mentioned that you only bought 2 of the Nourish and Shine instead of 3 because it would just melt in your apartment. Would storing it in the fridge work or would that ruin it?

    • I think it would last in the fridge but I have so much in there already I didn’t want to bother lol. I still have the 2nd jar. I starting making my own Mango or Shea butter mixes so I think when I’m done with the Nourish and Shine, I’ll stick with that. I like it because I can customize it and use it in my hair and body

    • Thanks JT. I am still trying to perfect the technique. I bought some stencils but they seem kind of long for my face so I’m using them but still having to go back and touch up certain spots

    • Thanks Jen! I don’t know that I have the skill to recreate it exactly but I will try using the Celebrity Brow Kit that I purchased :-)

      My hair takes FOREVER to dry to I will reserve the Teri LaFlesh method for when it warms up.

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