18 Apr

Keep It Nude for Spring


creating a nude look instead of colors for springOne thing about spring is it ushers in new life. You’ll find that every spring there’s always a splash of bright color that opens the doorway to the change of seasons.

Anorexic thin models sachet down the runways to display and show off the colors of the season.

If you notice every year the must wear color for the season changes. One year its pink. Another year it’s lavender, tangerine, salmon or cucumber. This year the hottest color for spring is mint green (again). There’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to Fashion and beauty. Eventually, you find yourself presented with the same.

Just because its an unwritten law that bright colors usher in spring, it doesn’t mean you have to go with that flow all over. You don’t have to wear purple, pink, mint green or light blue eye shadow. How about creating a nude look on your face this spring?

A nude look can be created on any complexion. It’s basically a look that’s simplistic. What’s best is a nude look works with any color and any season.

nude face

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creating a nude look

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nude makeup

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There are a few simple rules for creating a nude look:

  1. While you are wearing makeup, it shouldn’t be that obvious
  2. No bright or contrasting colors. Choose makeup that’s as close to your natural skin tone as possible.
  3. Think natural
  4. Treat your skin like a fresh canvas. Always start fresh and clean.
  5. Use concealer to hide blemishes and imperfections
Choosing to wear your face in a nude state is to create a timeless and classy look. Your skin will come off as absolutely glowing and radiant. And who wouldn’t appreciate that?
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16 thoughts on “Keep It Nude for Spring

  1. Thanks Michelle:). Sometimes I wear make up, but never foundation. The most I’ll do is mix a little of that maybelline souffle (I think) with my face lotion and then “blot” shiny spots w/true blend pressed powder. But yeah, the natural look rocks!!

    Miche’al, I use the Black Opal bronzer! I think physican’s formula makes some nice ones too.

  2. I love to spruce up my eyes from time to time with a little pop of color, but I lean mostly toward nude most of the time. You’re so right about glowing while wearing nude colors. It just looks so natural and beautiful.

    • I think you and I have the same style in that respect. I like to do my eyes sometimes but I’m not big on things like lipstick and blush – once in a while….

  3. I love the nude look!! It’s my go to year round!!! I generally just use a bronzer, a little hint of pink on the cheeks, groomed brows, mascara and a pale brown or pink gloss! It looks natural, but definitely makes me feel prettier!

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