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NYC Fashion’s Night Out 2011 – The Rundown

UPDATE: All FNO posts are linked in this post. No need to hunt for them now :-)

Hey there ladies. I’m finally up and out of the bed (10am) after a long night out in NYC for Fashion’s Night Out.  I have so much to share I don’t even know where to begin! Stick with me though because yall know that I don’t typically do Fashion posts.  I’m strictly skin and hair. But last night was special…

For starters, Barbie actually had a complimentary Fashion’s Night Out bus available (along with Volkswagen and H&M) that commuted shoppers around Manhattan.  It was soooo cute. I downloaded an app to my phone that allowed me to scan the Barbie bar codes I found around town to be entered to win some of the Barbie Fashion’s available (many of them tre chic!).

I didn’t catch a glimpse of the actual bus though until the end of the evening when I was on my way home. That was a bummer because I really wanted to ride it but the subway was just faster.  When I finally did see the bus, it went by so fast that I didn’t get the best pic (better pics further down. Keep reading!):

Fashion's Night Out bus

Because I have so much to share (videos, photos, stories!), I’m going to break the events of Fashion’s Night Out into more than one post (probably 6!) to give you all the night’s details.

The Initial Plan

So, my initial plan for Fashion’s Night Out was a bit sketchy. I was supposed to meet up with a few other bloggers but the rain deterred most of them.  The kicker was it wound up NOT raining and the night was BEAUTIFUL. Yes, in all caps.  It was warm, humid and the streets of NYC were packed!

What I Wound Up Doing

My mom and I always have a good time together. We usually go to church functions and not much else but last night, she joined me and did Fashion’s Night Out like a couple of kids! I didn’t get pics of us together but I did get pics of us separately:

Fashion's Night Out pic in NYC

I was tired as heck after a full day's work so please excuse the bags! LOL

another fashion night out pic

This is mi madre! Doesn't she look good after a brain tumor?

Places We Visited

There was so much to do with so little time. The events were taking place from 6-11pm and if you know New York, you know that’s not nearly enough time to go from place to place uptown, midtown and downtown.  So, before working our way to midtown we started out downtown beginning with Bloomingdales in SoHo:

Fashion's Night Out at Bloomingdales

Bloomingdales event for Fashion's Night Out

Store lady hands out goodies for the event

perfume counter at Bloomingdales

This is the perfume counter at Bloomingdales. I had to fight everything in me not to buy a bottle of Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs. It smells so good! The darker bottle is their older version. The pink bottle is the newer and it's MUCH better. Putting it on my wish list.

While at Bloomingdales, I had the pleasure of interviewing an Amika representative hairstylist.  I’ll share it in a future post.

After leaving Bloomingdales, we went to QVC’s event (still in SoHo). QVC was live and it was packed up in there!  Designers showcased everything that you see on TV including everything from jewelry to handbags to fur coats to beauty items galore (more in the exclusive QVC post – yet to come!).

While in SoHo, I came across some interesting people and window displays (see a future post where I’ll share images of all the interesting window displays I came across. For now, here’s a pic of a group of models who were showcasing outfits for Eminent Fash:

Fashion's Night Out Models

fashion models on Fashion Night Out

If you want to check out more of what they have to offer, you can visit http://emintfash.com. You can save 15% off an online order with discount code FnO2011. The Designer is Larissa Muehleder.

Moving On Up

When it was time to head uptown, we looked high and low for the Barbie Bus but it was nowhere to be found! So, we hopped on the subway to head up to midtown where we went to Bare Escentuals for complimentary makeovers, followed by a quick “drive” by (more like a stroll by LOL) of Henri Bendel and Tiffany & Co.

So, this was just  a summary of the things that we did for Fashion’s Night Out.  Stay tuned for individual posts where I’ll share more details with photos and additional video footage of the night.  I’m going to attempt to post everything today and you can just read in succession. If I don’t get to it all today, the rest will post by tomorrow.

Fashion’s Night Out Window’s Displays

brown beauty gal

P.S. Did you attend Fashion’s Night Out anywhere? If so, please share your footage (pics, posts etc) in the comments section!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a ball. We stayed downtown but next year have vowed to start our party uptown and then move downtown. I *heart* Tiffany! I am drooling over the new collection.

    • Now see we worked from downtown up but next year I may do it the opposite even though it’s going further away from home. I missed most of the Tiffany event! Their new collection is awesome. It’s all expensive LOL. That heart bracelete was like $4,000

  2. Looks like so much fun. Your mom is pretty you look so much like her. Girl you should of bought that Marc Jacobs perfume (he he). A Barbie shuttle sounds so cute. I love seeing Mothers and daughters doing things together.

    • Thanks Shannon. Wait til you see me getting the facial. OMG, I really want to purchase this machine they used on my face.

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