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Benefits of Oatmeal for Your Skin and a Recipe

handmade oatmeal soap


Oatmeal is good for the body. It helps to keep you satiated when eaten as  part of a healthy breakfast. It also helps lower bad cholesterol levels. Oatmeal has even been found to help speed up your metabolism.

Besides eating oatmeal to receive the beneficial nutrients from it, you can reap other benefits from oatmeal when incorporating it into your skin care. Oatmeal offers a number of benefits for your skin.

Her are some ways you can use oatmeal for skin care:

  • As part of a homemade face mask
  • To exfoliate with (You can make your own body scrub!)
  • As a home remedy for soothing itchy skin
  • To help dry skin retain moisture
  • To help open pores
  • For soaking tired, achy muscles

An Easy Oatmeal Face Mask


handmade oatmeal soapIf you want to incorporate using natural foods in your skin care regimen, oatmeal is very popular. It’s also very easy to use.  One of the easiest ways is to use oatmeal soap to exfoliate your body and cleanse your skin.

Another great way to add oatmeal to your skin care is to make a homemade oatmeal face mask. Here’s a simple oatmeal face mask recipe:


  • 1 tablespoon of finely ground oatmeal
  • A teaspoon of live, unflavored, organic yogurt
  • A teaspoon of warm organic honey


  • Mix the oatmeal and yogurt thoroughly together and then add the warm honey.
  • Apply to your skin and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

Do you use oatmeal in your skin care? If not, do you think you’ll try this oatmeal mask recipe?

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14 thoughts on “Benefits of Oatmeal for Your Skin and a Recipe

  1. Thanks for the incredibly informative article on oats. I eat oats every day, either cooked, soaked overnight or in a smoothie. I mostly eat oat bran but would like to try steel cut oats or oat groats (perhaps cooked in a slow cooker overnight ?) but I have failed to find these in any of the usual UK stores. I think I will have to resort to buying them off the internet, but then I will end up paying double because of the postage :-(
    I am keeping a copy of your article so that I know what I am looking at next time I am at the supermarket !

      • Oatmeal/honey/milk masks are the best! You know, I haven’t done one in FOREVER!!! But, I remember the first time that I did it, it was a total experiment. I must have known that the things were good for skin, but I really don’t know what prompted me to put it all together and make a mask. But, see, what had happened was … LOL. I was a senior in college and got really sick, so much so that I was admitted to the school infirmary for a week. Well, my skin was rough and dry and patchy. I took the plain instant oatmeal pack they gave me and added honey and milk and made a mask and did it a couple of times that week. My skin was restored almost immediately! It sloughed off all of the dry, rough skin and let me skin like butter!! I should really do that more often as I tend to always have the ingredients. Like Rece, I’ve just used milk, but can see the yogurt being nicer for creating a thicker paste. You didn’t mention this, but it’s my understanding that the lactic acid in the yogurt or milk act like a skin peel, right? Mother Nature. So, helpful;).


        • shells you always have such stories LOL. Yes you are right about the lactic acid. Funny things is the things that Mother Nature God put here for us is always best. Think about it. Years before modern technology came into play, what did people use? You certainly didn’t hear a lot about health (and skin) conditions you hear of today.

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