My Experiences Using DIY Goat Milk Conditioner

goats milk conditionerI shampoo’d with the Shea Moisture shampoo you see pictured here.

A couple of days ago I shared my first time bentonite clay experience. Well, before that natural hair treatment, I tried another. Goat Milk Conditioner.

I found out about this conditioner recipe from my friend Shelli of Hairscapades. She shared her recipe back in November and while I had been intrigued to try it back then, I was too lazy to go shop for the ingredients (although they are few).

It was actually a good thing that I waited because I got to see the progress that Shelli was having using goat’s milk as a conditioner. Let’s just say she was a great skape goat (no pun) lol. OK guinea pig. :-)

Shelli’s hair has flourished since incorporating the DIY goat milk conditioner recipe into her hair regimen. She reports stronger hair and much less shedding.


While, I’ve never personally had an issue with over shedding I decided to finally give the goat’s milk a whirl because my hair has been stuck at the same length for some time now.

So, I whipped up my own recipe and tweaked it a little by adding a little more guar gum to thicken the mixture even further. I then applied it to my hair and sat with my Hot Head conditioning cap on for 20 minutes (reheated it in the microwave once).

goat's milk conditioner in hair

The results after one conditioning session were stellar. My hair felt stronger to the touch, it was easy to detangle and boy was it shiny.

freshly conditioned hair

This Goat’s Milk Conditioner is definitely a staple now. I was able to purchase the goat’s milk, guar gum, honey and oils all at my local supermarket.

goat milk conditioner recipe

For more on Shelli’s Goat’s Milk Conditioner recipe, click here.

And here are my pretty fly results once my hair was dry:

natural hair curls

naturally curly hair

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Newbie Bentonite Clay Wash Experience

In an effort to get back to the root of natural living, I decided to try my hand at clay washes.

bentonite clay

After doing some research, it appears that bentonite clay is commonly used for ayurvedic hair washes and it’s quite inexpensive.

Well, inexpensive is good because if I mucked it up, I didn’t want to be out of a great deal of money! And it’s a good thing because I had quite an experience!

Keep reading….

bentonite clay mess

I don’t even understand how I made such a mess! I mean… I’m a henna pro! I apply henna with little to no drippage and I never have to clean up a mess. At least, now I don’t :-) When I first started applying henna to my head, my tub looked like I killed a small animal.

Part of the mess I made was using a bogus recipe I found online. I should have looked for what the masses recommended instead of what 1 lone ranger website had to offer. My bad.

I followed a recipe (not going to rat out the website!) that yielded the worst bentonite clay mix ever. The recipe called for 1 cup of bentonite clay mixed with 1/4 cup of water.

First off, a full cup of bentonite clay needs a lot more than a 1/4 cup of water to mix it to a smooth consistency that’s also not runny. I had to keep adding what appeared to amount to maybe 2 cups of water. I just kept adding water until I could get the mixture smooth. Eventually, I settled for this lumpy mess and decided to make it a full body wash!

clay wash

Second off, to do a simple hair wash with bentonite clay all I really needed was maybe a few tablespoons of the bentonite clay – not a whole darn cup full! Next time…

In spite of the crazy mess I made, the experience of a full body clay wash was wonderful! My skin was so smooth – I mean smooth in places that are not copasetic to share!

My hair also felt wonderful afterward. I mean hair AND scalp felt so clean and even detoxed.

While, I didn’t leave the clay wash on for long, my curls immediate became their perkiest:

poppin' curls

I have tons of bentonite clay left so I will be trying this again. Oh, and since my skin felt amazing the body washes will continue as well :-)

Lesson learned: Take online recipes with a grain of salt and use a little common sense!

bentonite clay wash

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First Event Learning to Beat My Face – NYCFlawLessFace Recap

me and nozziebynicole

I’m 45. I wait until this late stage of the game to learn how to beat my face.

That’s right. While I do love all things beauty, I’ve never really been inclined to wear much makeup. It just seemed too complicated.

flawless face demo

every day face makeup

But, I really love a well beaten face (OK I should stop saying it that way). I love a flawless looking face so I decided to up my makeup game and learn some actual skills to get the job done.

This past Sunday, I went to the #NYCFlawlessFace event where professional makeup artist NozzieByNicole, demonstrated how to create every day flawless face.

Much of what Nicole shared I learned from various other sources but it was good to see it demonstrated live. She made it seem so easy too!

make up demo

There was about 30 ladies in attendance (a nice intimate group) and we each had time to ask Nicole some of our makeup (and skin care) questions.

While I wish the event was a little longer and there was a little more hands on “training,” I think I picked up enough to create my own every day flawless face.

While I’ve gotten much better, I still need to work on my blending! Overall though, I didn’t do too bad of a job. I received numerous compliments (They didn’t look up close lol).

flawless face

Now, don’t let me neglect to mention that this event was coordinated and hosted by CurlsandMo. She’s such a down to earth sister and she also puts on a number of natural hair events (I’m looking forward to attending some of those).

Me with @CurlsandMo Ugh, being next to her reminds me of how much wait I still need to lose!

Me with @CurlsandMo
Ugh, being next to her reminds me of how much weight I still need to lose! And, that’s my Weight Watchers Active Link sticking out of my shirt LOL!

Mo, short for Monet, is also a beauty blogger and you can find her blog here.

Before I go, check out all the swag received at the event:

nycflawlessface swag

You know I was thrilled to get a sampling of Shea Moisture’s new makeup line. I received a blush and can’t wait to check out some of the other products in the makeup line but until then I’ll be scooping up some of my other favorite Shea Moisture products now that I have this book load of coupons!

In addition to the Shea Moisture, I also received a Green Tea Facial Wash from Gaisie Body Essentials (stay tuned for a review of this), tons of cosmetics/brushes from ELF Cosmetics and I won the raffle which was a lip scrub and lip balm from SDotBeauty.

I really wanted that scrub and here’s why:

SDotBeauty lip care

See how my crusty lips were transformed? LOL chile, there’s no shame in my game. I think we’ve all been there. Just take care of your situation when it arises :-)

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