19 Feb

Sexy Burlesque Dancing for Valentine’s Day!

burlesque dancing for valentines day

This past Saturday was Valentine’s Day…but you know that! ha ha

I wanted to do something unique and different for my husband this year and it only cost me $10! OK I know that sounds pretty cheap but the $10 was jut the cost of something much more valuable: my sexy choreographed burlesque dance!

At the gym where I work out (Equalize Fitness), there’s always themed based work outs. Well, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, they brought in a dance teacher. She taught us a simple but detailed burlesque routine that was done with a chair.

Now, in all honesty, I didn’t intend to take this class. It wasn’t planned. I had actually showed up for a Body Pump class. When I arrived at the gym, I discovered that this Burlesque Dance Class was taking its place.

While I knew that the class was taking place, for some reason I thought it was going on after Body Pump. So, rather than make it a wasted gym trip (like that would ever happen), I decided to take the Burlesque class. And boy, am I happy that I did. It was such a fun class. I felt sexy (even though my hair was a hot mess – it was in a pre-poo). After the class, we were served fruit, cheese and wine.

So, on to Valentine’s Day. My husband took me out to dinner and then we came home to relax. I had fully planned to do my “dance” for him but I fell asleep! LOL! I couldn’t help it. I was exhausted. And while my best intentions fell through, I recorded the routine in a sexy lingerie a couple days later (I know. LOSER). Now, he can watch me doing my thang whenever he likes!  Hee hee.

Have you ever taken a sexy dance class like Burlesque?


16 Feb

Wash Day Chronicles: WEEK 7

This is week 7 of 52 wash days chronicling what I’ll be doing to gain length on my fine natural hair. The goal is still waist length but it will take a little longer due to my recent cut. Subscribe to this blog to be notified when future posts are published.

wash day fine natural hair

Pre-Poo: Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Superfruit Complex Conditioner + Coconut Oil

Cleanser: Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash

Deep Conditioner: Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Hair Mask

Rinse Out Conditioner: None

Leave In Conditioner: None

Sealant and/or Styler: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Shea Moisture Curling Soufflé

Tools: Large Seamless Comb, Silver Conditioner Cap, shampoo massage brush

Wash Day Procedure

fine natural hair products

  1. The day before I washed, I pre-poo’d and finger detangled my fine hair in the morning before going to work. Applied coconut oil to a section smoothing it in and then applied conditioner and finger detangled.
  2. Repeated for 7 sections, ending with 8 twists which I bunned and went to work in
  3. Slept with bunned twists overnight.
  4. Since it was Valentines Day and I was running late, I released the twists for a quickie twist out (nothing impressive)
  5. Late afternoon, hopped in the shower and washed (hair wasn’t sectioned)
  6. Rinsed and applied deep conditioner and silver conditioning cap (self generated heat…well it was more like warmth).
  7. After about 45 minutes, rinsed hair with warm to cool water.
  8. Smoothed in the Curl Enhancing Smoothing throughout the hair (no sections….I was lazy)
  9. Smoothed in the Curling Soufflé
  10. Ran fingers through hair while simultaneously raking and smoothing.
  11. Clipped hair in two sections to air dry 50%
  12. Slept with hair in a high ponytail

deep conditioning natural hair

Focus & Thoughts

Today’s micro focus was to just get ‘er done. Hence, I didn’t really have a micro focus! I didn’t feel like doing my hair at all this week but I will not skip a week for the health and manageability of my hair. When you have fine natural hair, you can’t afford to skip caring for it.

My wash and go was pretty easy peasy and this fine natural hair actually has tons of volume with a slight hold. I’m only taking off .5 of my score due to my attitude (see below).  :-|

I give today’s wash day a 4.5/5. While I didn’t feel much like doing it, wash day was pretty uneventful. I had very little tangling thanks to my extra long pre-poo.

My only qualm (if you can call it that) is that my hair began to dry up really fast after applying the CES. Therefore I had to wet it in order to continue smoothing and detangling.

wash and go stretching

This is how I’m stretching my way and go


12 Feb

Skin Care Products I’m Currently Using – ROUND 2


About a month ago I shared that I would be using up all of my skin care products in rounds to prep for a more minimalistic skin care regimen. Check out round 1 of my skin care products here.

Welp, I’m still using up those products. I guess they lasted longer than I expected. I’m thinking it will take me 2-3 months to use up a series of products used consistently on a daily basis.

While, I’ll still be using most of those products up, I did finish up the Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream. What I will be adding to my regimen is Lumene’s Eye Makeup Remover (only a small amount remaining) and Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster.

I received the serum at Fashion’s Night Out a couples years ago. It’s not all natural and contains Phenoxyethenol (a preservative) so I’m assuming it has a shelf life. Plus I did the smell test, it hasn’t changed color and I kept it in the dark so I think it’s still viable :-) It’s just a sample so I will only get 4 or 5 uses out of it. If my skin reacts, it will go in the trash.

Since I won’t be changing much with my skin regimen until I’ve used up my current products, I won’t be updating on my skin again until around April. In the meantime, I’ll remain diligent with #OperationScaleDownMyStash (hair products too).