10 Dec

RBB Gift Guide: Recommended Skin Care & Beauty Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you figured out what you want to give your loved ones (that includes you!) this year?

Last week I shared some Christmas gifts for your hair. Today, I’m sharing some gifts that are perfect for the lady who wants to get her skin in order, healthy or maintain its wellness. One of these is on my personal list as well :-)

Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Care System

There are many dupes on the market but nothing can compare to the Clarisonic (based on the reviews). The unit may appear to be expensive  to some but it pays for itself is spades over time. The more you use, the clearer your skin gets because the cleaner it gets. Nothing can remove dirt and bacteria like the Clarisonic (except what they have at the dermatologist office). This is the ultimate DIY skin care device.

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Skin Care

dickinsons witch hazel line

I’ve tried many skin care products over the years. Some were very expensive and didn’t do much for my skin. That’s when I realized it all goes back to simplicity. Witch hazel has been used for years to cleanse, tone and refresh the skin. It’s helped me clear up my acne by drying out pimples and the wipes are perfect for removing makeup. (Check out my review of the Dickinson’s Towelettes here).

I’m still working through tons of skin care products that have been sent to me for review but the Dickinson’s Witch Hazel line of skin care products is what I will settle on. There’s nothing like it. AND, it’s affordable. You can fine this entire line in drug stores across the nation. Buy the entire line for yourself or a loved one. It’s for all skin types. Yay!

Birchbox Subscription

birchbox gift

This is more than a skin care product. It’s a service that opens doors. I had a one year subscription to Birchbox that has introduced me to so many brands of makeup and skin care products. Based on the questionnaire filled out, you will receive samples & full size products that meet your interests. Give it as a gift and the recipient will fill out  the questionnaire. Check out Birchbox skin care here.

That’s all folks. I don’t have a lot to recommend for skin care this year. I find that these 3 are enough.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

08 Dec

Could Excessive Co-washing Cause Excessive Shedding?

fine natural hair

I wrote this post about hair growth a short while ago(It’s one of my bright ideas where my natural hair is concerned lol). These bright idea posts aren’t scientifically proven but they do make you wonder.

Today I was thinking about co-washing and how it might be causing excessing shedding. That is, depending on how you co-wash of course.

You see, lots of ladies co-wash their natural hair with a conditioner. Hence, the term “co” aka conditioner wash. Now days there are more co-wash products on the market meant specifically for co-washing. Yet, it’s still very popular to wash the hair with a regular rinse out conditioner.

Well, I got to thinking about the purpose of a conditioner…

A CNN article quote by celebrity hairstylist Juan Carlos Maciques of the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City:

“The truth is, “all conditioners smooth the cuticle, soften hair, add shine, and restore moisture”

All other information aside, I was paying particular attention to the “soften hair” part.  If one purpose of the conditioner is to soften hair (which is evidenced by the common practice of applying conditioner after shampooing and hair strengthening treatments like protein) then it would stand to reason that applying the conditioner to the scalp would soften it as well right? Ok stay with me.

If you apply a conditioner to your scalp on a regular basis vs. just applying it to your hair, could it be that the hair follicles are softening and releasing the hairs prematurely? (the operative word being “Regular”)

It’s been decided amongst hair enthusiasts and gurus alike that you should apply shampoo to the scalp and conditioner to the hair. But what if you don’t shampoo? If you co-wash only and use a regular rinse out conditioner vs. a co-wash product, should it also be applied to the hair only and not the scalp? Could it be due to the softening effects of the conditioner? If so, then is it possible that extreme softening meant for the hair can lead to the scalp shedding the hair prematurely from the scalp?

Here’s a pic of the instructional/benefits on a couple bottles of store bought conditioner.

co-washing with rinse out conditioner

Seems the main purpose of rinse out conditioner is to soften the hair. Maybe, not so much for use on the calp. Again, this isn’t some scientifically proven. It’s just and observation that can make you go hmmm.

Do you co-wash with contact to your scalp regularly?
If so, do you ever notice an increase in shedding?

To read that full CNN article, go here.


03 Dec

RBB Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for Your Hair


As products go, I am not easily impressed. That’s why I don’t make product recommendations nilly willy. Yet, if a product is extraordinary because it has multiple benefits or saves time, I perk right up and take notice.

In this post I’d like to offer you the following recommendations of products that I personally use and love. Consider it a Christmas gift list for your hair (or somebody else’s :-) )handheld steamer

Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer – The Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer  is one of the most useful tool’s any girl can have, especially in the winter. It provides a boost of steam for instant moist to dry, parched hair. It also helps make your pre-poo more effective when you steam your hair in advance of applying your oils/conditioners. I love that it’s portable and works quickly. You don’t have to sit confined under a traditional steamer anymore.

hot head

Hot Head Thermal Hair Wrap – If you are tired of being tethered to a chair to get your deep conditioning done on wash day, look no further. This heat cap is microwaveable and you’ll get at least 20 minutes of steady heat while being able to move around, do chores etc. Check out this video sharing some useful tips on how to use it.

ropetwistsGoody Flex Barrettes – Not only are these barrettes stylish, Goody Ouchless Updo Barrettes can be used to help you stretch your roots while your hair is drying after washing. I use my Good Flex Barettes almost all of the time. I have both the brown and black colors and in the small and large sizes. I use them to clip my hair up at night when I want to preserve my wash ‘n go, twist out or braid out. I also use them to create ponytails and up-dos. This is a very versatile hair accessory!

Goody Elastic hair ties – Naptural85 shared a DIY video showing how you can make medlength-fishtailthese yourself. I’m not a big DIY girl because I don’t have much time to devote to such projects. That’s not to say I never DIY. I just feel you can get these for such a low price, why bother making them? Well, unless you just like that kind of thing :-) When I’m wanting to add a little stylish accessory to secure the end of my ponytail, I use these but for the most part I like using these hair ties to protect my ends at night when I sleep or throughout the day when traveling. Here’s a cheaper brand with lots of stylish options:

SM-JBCO-MaskShea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Mask – I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I had read a number of people say it didn’t have enough slip. However, I think it has great slip. It could be that our hair types are different. I have a looser curl pattern and fine hair so the product was very easily applied. More importantly, my hair felt very balanced (moisture & strength) after using. I find this mask to be a great maintenance product for mitigating hair breakage.

Curls Blueberry Control Paste – OK it’s not really made from blueberries but it smells curlsblueberry-pasteawesomely like so. Even more beneficial, it does a great job of taming my edges for most of the day without causing breakage. I have to hide it or my daughter gets a hold of it and starts using it up! The control paste comes in a passionfruit scent as well but I have never tried that one so can’t attest to if it’s as effective at holding down the edges as this formula or if it’s just a matter of scent.

Cassandre Beccai’s Hair Milk – This is my #1 product moisturizer. I LOVE it so much. It is hairmilka moisturizer and conditioner in one. It can be used daily and it smells awesome. I have an older bottle (used to be called Oatmilk & Honey Daily Conditioner) that I got before Cass redesigned it so photographed here, is the newer bottle. You can use this product to finger detangle your hair as well. It makes detangling effortless and you hair is left moisturized and soft.

Cassandre Beccai’s Grow Your Hair Faster Course – This is not an actual physical product but it is a very comprehensive course if you are looking to develop a simple but effective hair growth regimen. You’ll learn 8 habits that help with length retention as well as two in depth prescriptions for hair growth. Plus it’s only $17

Here’s to a very Merry December filled with shopping and cheer!


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