Taking Advantage of Humid Weather for Hair Growth

How summer humidity can aid with natural hair growth.

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It’s growing season. The warmer the climate, the better it is for your hair. Increased humidity can provide your hair with a sort of green house effect environment. Yay!

Here are some tips on helping your hair to grow during this humid season:

- Increase those scalp massages!! The heat may have your hair in a perfect setting for growth but you need to take advantage of all that humidity. (Hopefully, you don’t live in a dry, hot climate. I’m a New Yorker so, I embrace the 2 months of humid weather while they’re here!). Massage your scalp morning and night if you can. Stimulate that growth and let the humidity do the rest. Here’s what I use to aid with my massages (I love it!):

- Keep your hair well moisturized. The heat can leach moisture from your hair (not as much as in the winter, but still) so keep it very moisturized so that it doesn’t dry out while you’re in the sun.

- Use a product that contains protection from the sun. Alternatively, natural products like grapeseed oil and shea butter provide some sun protection for your hair.

- Embrace the wash and go. I mean really. Wash….and go. OK maybe I’m leaving out a little. Put in your products that will prevent frizz and then go. I get the softest, moisture filled wash and go’s when I apply my heavy moisturizing products. But here’s the thing, the humidity will kill your style if you don’t apply a little alcohol free gel to the mix. Now, the thing that’s going to make this wash and go super soft and hydrated is to seal everything in with a natural oil AFTER the gel. So, the oil is the last thing you will use and baby, will your hair love you at the end of the day!

I was literally walking around with totally undefined hair the other day but then I realized something. It was the softest, most moisturized poof ever! So, while I say embrace the wash and go, put your hair up into a loose high ponytail or other wash and go style that keeps your hair contained. I’ve seen some really cute styles on Youtube. Here is one video I absolutely adore:


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In Review: Kinky Kashmere Natural Hair Products

I’ll get right to the point. I LOVE Kinky Kashmere Natural Hair Products!
 twist out using kinky kashmere

Now, before I get into all the goodness that’s called, “Kinky Kashmere” (side note: I love the name… Cashmere (with a k) for your hair!), I must admit that my first impressions weren’t very high….bland packaging and the smell seemed a bit faint to me. It wasn’t a bad smell. There just didn’t seem like there was enough of it. I had purchased these products at the It’s All About the Curls meetup back in April when I went to the ATL Hair Show. A few ladies mentioned that the products worked really well for twist outs and braid outs. They claimed that I would get off the chain curl definition.

With those kind of glowing recommendations, how could I resist? And they were right,

In the following two videos I share my official review of Kinky Kashmere Natural Hair Products, including how I use the All in One Conditioner. Check them out:

Gorgeous Protected Hair with these Simple Summer Hair Tips

Simple summer hair care tips for natural hair.


Summer time hair can be gorgeous hair. However, gorgeous hair isn’t as important as protected hair. As a matter of fact, without protected hair, you won’t have gorgeous hair! The sun and humidity can take a real toll on your strands so in today’s post I will share some tips on caring for your hair through the summer.

Summertime Hair Tips

- Protecting your hair from the sun.  Using a natural oil like grape seed oil or a product containing vitamin E and Shea Butter can provide some natural protection from the sun to your strands. Wearing a lightweight hat will provide extra protection and can be very fashionable.

- Protecting your hair from chlorine. If you plan on going to the pool,  soaking your hair with water before going into the pool will prevent your hair from absorbing too much of the chlorine water.  It’s just like when you soak a sponge with water. If you try to add additional water to the sponge, it won’t absorb much because it’s already soaked with water. Soaking your hair with pure clean water before jumping in the pool will prevent it from absorbing too much of the chlorine water. That doesn’t mean you can skip the after pool wash though :-)

- On wash day, I make the following changes to my hair care during the summer that vary from winter:

- Seal with light oil like Jojoba vs. using a heavy oil and a butter or butter alone.
- Incorporate wash and go’s using gel into my regimen. This makes for frizz-free low manipulation styling!
- Utilize protective styles like braided or twisted updos to keep long hair off of the neck. Too hot for all that!

Summertime protected hair IS gorgeous hair!

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