First Event Learning to Beat My Face – NYCFlawLessFace Recap

me and nozziebynicole

I’m 45. I wait until this late stage of the game to learn how to beat my face.

That’s right. While I do love all things beauty, I’ve never really been inclined to wear much makeup. It just seemed too complicated.

flawless face demo

every day face makeup

But, I really love a well beaten face (OK I should stop saying it that way). I love a flawless looking face so I decided to up my makeup game and learn some actual skills to get the job done.

This past Sunday, I went to the #NYCFlawlessFace event where professional makeup artist NozzieByNicole, demonstrated how to create every day flawless face.

Much of what Nicole shared I learned from various other sources but it was good to see it demonstrated live. She made it seem so easy too!

make up demo

There was about 30 ladies in attendance (a nice intimate group) and we each had time to ask Nicole some of our makeup (and skin care) questions.

While I wish the event was a little longer and there was a little more hands on “training,” I think I picked up enough to create my own every day flawless face.

While I’ve gotten much better, I still need to work on my blending! Overall though, I didn’t do too bad of a job. I received numerous compliments (They didn’t look up close lol).

flawless face

Now, don’t let me neglect to mention that this event was coordinated and hosted by CurlsandMo. She’s such a down to earth sister and she also puts on a number of natural hair events (I’m looking forward to attending some of those).

Me with @CurlsandMo Ugh, being next to her reminds me of how much wait I still need to lose!

Me with @CurlsandMo
Ugh, being next to her reminds me of how much weight I still need to lose! And, that’s my Weight Watchers Active Link sticking out of my shirt LOL!

Mo, short for Monet, is also a beauty blogger and you can find her blog here.

Before I go, check out all the swag received at the event:

nycflawlessface swag

You know I was thrilled to get a sampling of Shea Moisture’s new makeup line. I received a blush and can’t wait to check out some of the other products in the makeup line but until then I’ll be scooping up some of my other favorite Shea Moisture products now that I have this book load of coupons!

In addition to the Shea Moisture, I also received a Green Tea Facial Wash from Gaisie Body Essentials (stay tuned for a review of this), tons of cosmetics/brushes from ELF Cosmetics and I won the raffle which was a lip scrub and lip balm from SDotBeauty.

I really wanted that scrub and here’s why:

SDotBeauty lip care

See how my crusty lips were transformed? LOL chile, there’s no shame in my game. I think we’ve all been there. Just take care of your situation when it arises :-)

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I’m Trending…Ha! : My 2014 Spring Hair Regimen

Simplified natural hair regimen

natural hair regimen

Spring has finally sprung here in New York. After the numerous snow storms and frigid temperatures, we are finally starting to see “growth.”

Just as springtime brings about all sorts of beautiful change, our hair also tends to go through change. It’s during this time that I opt to revise my hair regimen.

A lot of the reason I am changing my hair regimen is because I’m eliminating many of the products I use. I am done being a product junky and as I mentioned in my last post sharing What to Do When Your Hair Growth Stalls, I’m not going to cut down on all the things I’ve been doing to grow my hair.

Anyhwo, about this new revised regimen; here it is:

natural hair care products


- Every other day, lightly oil hair with Argan or Apricot Castor Oil to prevent SSKs
- Every other day, oil scalp with a mix of Jojoba/Rosemary/Eucalyptus Oils to keep scalp stimulated


- 2 to 3 times a week, add moisture to mid shaft down to ends of hair using Eden’s Heart Oatmilk and Honey Daily Conditioner

- On Wash Day (Usually Saturday but sometimes Fridays), I steam hair with the Q-Redew Steamer to open my hair shaft up for the pre-poo

deep conditioning products

- Pre-poo for an hour (sometimes over night) with a mix of coconut oil mixed with Aubrey Organics GPB or Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner

- Wash hair, alternating Eden’s Bodyworks Coco-Shea Cleansing Co-wash and Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo

- Deep condition with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask, using my new Hot Head Microwaveable Conditioning Cap for 15-20 minutes

- Rinse out deep conditioner with cold water and blot excess water with an old t-shirt

- Apple Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In or Salerm 21 Leave In (I have to re-up this because I’m adding it back to my rotation.)

- Seal hair with Jojoba, Apricot Castor, Almond or Avocado Oil

- Apply styler (usually Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie) with a mix of Aloe Vera Gel. Then, proceed to detangle my hair using a combination of my fingers and a seamless large tooth comb

- Braid or twist hair in medium to large sections. Optional: Roll ends with perm rods – sometimes I’ll just bun my twists, leaving the ends exposed to curl under)

- While twisting/braid the sections, I trim any SSKs or balls on the ends of individual hairs

- Allow hair to air dry


- Nightly: Put hair up in a high bun/french roll/4 large twists and cover with a satin scarf or silk bonnet


- Protein treatment using either Shea Moisture Anti-breakage Mask or Eden’s Heart Intensive Moisture Mask

- ACV rinse (this also helps make finger detangling easier)

I henna my hair quarterly to cover grey hairs and that won’t change but other than that, my hair care regimen is very much simplified from what I used to do. Less is more….at least for my fine hair.

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What’s Trending: Short Haircuts

Short hairstyles, pixie cuts and cropped haircuts.

2014 short hairstyles

Short hair is in! It’s not my cup of tea but so many ladies are wearing it well.

I’m noticing that short cropped cuts are really making a come back. I guess so many ladies prefer not to have to deal with their hair.

Here’s the thing though. It’s more so for relaxed heads. At least, in my opinion. Ladies who relax their hair can have pretty uneventful hairstyling days. Wrap at night, wake up and go. Some will bump their hair with a flat iron but for the most part, it’s very easy to just comb out the wrap. Especially, if you have fringes.

Now, I realize there are plenty of naturals who have short hair by choice. Look and Lupita! She probably has very easy hair days but here’s the thing. Her hair is not just short. She’s got it cut so close, it’s sort of a boy cut. Therefore, it doesn’t require any “bumping” or curling. Now, in Nia’s case (BTW, her hair is long on the red carpet but that’s a weave), when she wears her hair in it’s natural length, she has to do a little more than wake up and go.

For the most part though, if you’re natural with hair that’s at least 3 inches, you’ll have to put a little more effort into maintaining your short do but it’s definitely possible.

Are you into short hair or would you prefer to keep your tresses to at least shoulder length?

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