Loose Twists: Summer Protective Style

loose twists on natural hair

A couple of weeks ago I kicked off my summer protective style series. Doing wash and go’s, twist outs and braid out, I was beginning to feel like i was manipulating my hair far too much. So, I decided to give it a rest by protective styling.

My first style was small braids. I didn’t style them much and I also didn’t make it to the 3 weeks I had planned. I just couldn’t! I hate frizzy braids and twists. There was just so much I could do to keep them neat. Plus, I have a little HIH (Hand in Hair) problem.

That, coupled with my #HairADD, I just could not keep those braids in another day! So, to keep my sanity and continue to just be me, I will be doing protective styles that I keep in for 1-2 weeks.

loose two strand twists

One of the reasons I’m protective styling is to get past this little stunt of growth I’ve been experiencing. I feel like my hair has been at the same length for a year or so. Well, with a goal of waist length (stretched hair), I have to do something.

So, I’ll be changing my hair regimen which I will share in a future post. For now, I’m on to my next protective style which is loose twists on my fine natural hair…

loose twists in a ponytaillow manipulation hairstyle for length retention

Stay tuned :)

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6 Suggested Summer Skin Care Tips

summer skin

I admit it. I have been a slacker when it comes to caring for my skin. Once I recognized that my “laziness” was beginning to show in my face, I had to stop fooling around and take the time to treat my skin right. So, now I’m more diligent and want to share with you some tips that have helped me.

If you haven’t been taking good care of your skin this summer, there’s still plenty of time to get it in gear. If you are a “mature” woman then you may already know this but if you are just starting your beauty journey, then the skin care tips I’m about to share will be enlightening.

It’s very easy to do the bare minimum to protect your skin during the summer. It’s a misconception to think that winter is more harsh on your skin than the warmer months. Some will do little more than wash their face and wear sunscreen. While it’s great that wearing sunscreen is a priority, you still need to follow a full protective skin care regimen. Here are my suggestions:

- Cleanse your face with a creamy cleanser that’s indicated for all skin types. During the summer, the chances are your skin is either oily or normal. Dry skin isn’t as common in the summer so to use a skin care product for all skin types is sufficient. In the winter, I suggest using a product indicated more for the condition your skin is in during that season.

-  Use a serum indicated for day and/or night used. Vitamin A serum provides your skin with natural protection from free radicals which can age the skin over time. Serums also add glow to your skin due to their ability to accelerate skin cell turnover.

- Follow your serum with an anti-wrinkle eye cream and moisturizer with SPF. While your serum is designed to go deep into the layers of your skin for protection and repair, a moisturizer containing SPF will help seal in the vitamins and nutrients from the serum as well as provide you with sun protection. Eye creams should be worn year round as damage is always occurring to the gentle eye area, even when you sleep.

- If you wear makeup, mineral makeup is great for the summer because it’s light, breathable and contains natural SPF.

- Face powders are great for warm weather because of their light breathable wear. Consider replacing your heavier cream based makeups with sheer, translucent powders.

- If you have hyper pigmentation, consider spot concealing and skipping the full face of foundation. The key is to keep your face light and fresh. The less makeup your wear, the more comfortable you may be. Who wants to sweat like a pig from all those layers of makeup!

- As always, cleanse your face of all makeup at night before bed. If applied during the day, you can also apply the overnight serum along with an eye cream at night to repair any free radical damage that may be occurring. It may seem like a lot to do but before long you’ll find that it’s second nature to grab certain types of skin care products for your routine. Plus, the application process doesn’t take very long at all.

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How to Moisturize and Seal Braids on Natural Hair

It’s going on two weeks since I’ve had my small braids in. Frankly, I’m tired of them! I’m ready to take them out but before I do, let me share with you how I have been keeping them moisturized and the ends sealed.

Braids are a relatively low maintenance style. My ends are in fabulous condition and I’ve had little to no breakage since I haven’t been messing in my hair. And yet, while that is a wonderful thing for length retention, I can’t keep these braids in another day! I think for me, I need to keep my protective styling short and sweet. In other words, I can rock braids…just bigger ones that I take out after a week.

My next protective style for the summer will be loose twists. I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks and am going to stretch that to three. When I wash with my new shampoo bar (first time ever using one of these by the way), I will stretch my hair out with a roller set and then do loose twists. Stay tuned :-)

shampoo bars

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