30 Oct

Pampering Yourself Day 30: Get Your Grill Checked

self pamper tip - get your teeth checked

Sike! I’m not talking about the grill that you cook on! Read on…

Yesterday’s self pampering tip was getting a total body physical. Today’s self pampering tip is to get your complete mouth checked out – teeth, gums, and all.

Last week I got a cleaning and an oral cancer screening. While it was not the most comfortable thing to do, it was all about prioritizing myself and making sure that every part of me is in working order.

This may not seem like the traditional way to pamper yourself but any time you make yourself a priority, rather it’s getting a physical or an oral screening, you are pampering yourself.

So, when’s the last time you got your orifice checked?

brown beauty gal

2 thoughts on “Pampering Yourself Day 30: Get Your Grill Checked

  1. Last week, actually. I go in twice a year regularly for cleaning and xrays etc. I’m a bit of a dental freak (like to try out new toothbrushes, toothpastes, flosses), so mercifully I haven’t had much work done except taking out my wisdom teeth and a few fillings when I was much younger. Prevention really is better than cure!

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