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2 thoughts on “Need to Know Resources

  1. Hello Michelle
    I contacted you on google plus,havent been able to check my notifications,I’m having hair trouble,and I told you before that I can not use creams on my hair it takes to out.Also I have low porosity hair,is there a way that I can fix this also,my hair is also dry and I have very high dense fine hair,I do not know my curl pattern,I think I’m multi textured,the top of my hair is really tightly coiled,in the middle it lesser and in the back its very loose curls.Right now,I’m just giving up on my hair,I dont wash it unless I feel its dirty,I wash it with ACV with baking soda,which I found out that baking soda has too much alkaline in it,it acts like a perm. My hair loves to tangle because my curls are soo tightly wrapped around each other,I even have fairy nots that are really thick,it can even be 3 nots on one stand of hair,and really thick,its bumpy,and I do seach and destroy but since I have nots on more than one stand,of course not on every stand of my hair,which I havent inspected lol,but when I do remove it,it likes to latch on to other hair strands. I think I have 3 or 4 hairs sprouting from one follicle. I think I need to use liquids,but which??? I need a hair care regime,I dont have one,I heard of LOGO,but cant find how to do it,I just need help,can you please help me?Thanks.

    • hey I didn’t see anything on G+. Re: your low porosity hair, I do believe that can be changed. For one, nix the baking soda. Start by doing an ACV rinse once per week for a month straight. Then do your ACV rinses no more than 1x a month. Your rinse should be be made with no more than two tablespoons of ACV to 8 ounces of water. Make sure that immediately after rinsing your hair, you apply a good leave in conditioner and seal it with an oil like grape seed or Jojoba. Allow your hair to air dry. Stay away from heat for a while.
      If you find that you are getting lots of knots, I’d recommend getting a professional trim to start off with a clean slate. Since you tangle, I’d stay clear of styles like wash n go’s which cause a lot of shrinkage. Maybe focus on stretching the hair with braids. Also, moisturize your hair at least 1x a day and oil your strands daily with a light oil. This helps prevent those knots and tangling.

      Last off I’d highly recommend you pre-poo at every wash. My recommended pre-poo mixture is Aubrey Organics GPB/Coconut Oil mix. Here’s an article that I wrote about Aubrey Organics GPB that I think can help:

      I hope this helps.

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