24 Oct

Saving A Failed Twist Out

As much as I love twist outs, they rarely come out exactly the way you like them. I always have to find out a way to save the hairstyle. Either that or stay home.

Today was no different. While I took my time to meticulous twist each section, seal the ends and sleep with a sonnet scarf and bonnet, I woke up and my twists were wet. The sad part is I had not even washed my hair. The product I used to set the twist out never dried. Thank God it’s still kind of warm here in New York. So, here’s the saved hairstyle:

saved twist out

saving a failed twist out

twist out save

Not too bad. I had just purchased a bunch of pretty scarves. Little did I know, I’d wind up using one of them sooner rather than later.

Do you have problems with twist outs? If so, do you save the curls or just throw your hair in a pony? 

Later this week…

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12 thoughts on “Saving A Failed Twist Out

    • I don’t really use a lot of product but even when my hair is dry, it doesn’t define. I have a wavier pattern that tends not to curl up in some places. as the hair gets longer, it also stretches more.

      I bought some sweet butta cream this past weekend and used it. it gave me the best definition but I still need to try some different techniques.

  1. This is too cute. This look like a successful twist out. Pretty scarf. Rock it girl! I use satin rollers on the ends of my hair so my hair looks extra curly. Do you use satin rollers?

    • Thanks :-) I use the flexi rods not the satin rollers. I saw the satin rollers but they are too much like the regular foam rollers so I skipped them. They curl the hair too tight.

    • Oh so I meant to say that the twist out wasn’t successful because some places defined and others didn’t. I usually have issues with the back.

  2. Very cute idea! Loved how you put it in an updo.

    Yeah, it’s a hit or miss with me and braid outs/twist outs. the front of my hair is always the first to loose it’s definition so scarves are my saving grace! (I have three hangers full to prove it!( LOL)

    • lol that’s funny because the front of my hair defines while the back is all weird. I get stringy ends and I don’t like it so I wind up putting the back up. I think it’s this awkward stage my hair is end with two greatly differentiating lengths.

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