Get Naked and Release Your Inhibitions

A trip to Spa Castle brought out some thangs!

spa castle

This month is all about loving yourself. My birthday was last month. My sister, daughter, niece and some friends spent a day at Spa Castle.

Treating myself is not something I do often. It’s usually because of one of two things: I don’t have the $ to do what I’d like or I don’t have the time.

Well, last month at Sa Castle I discovered something interesting about myself and others. Amidst the relaxing saunas, ice pools, relaxation rooms and jacuzzis, I discovered how liberating Getting naked in front of strangers can be!

Now, let me clean that up a bit….

It’s not that I just couldn’t wait to get naked in front of other people. On the contrary. When we first got to Spa Castle, I must admit. I was overwhelmed by the freeness by which women walked around nude, lying around in the hot tubs and saunas.

There was all sorts of “bodies” there. I think I saw enough tits and slits to last a lifetime. Lawd! Women were bending over and….you get the point. It was cray cray! I just could not understand it. This was different than just changing clothes in a girls locker room. It was like walking around naked at home and then inviting friends over!

Even getting naked in front my own family members felt weird. However, by the end of the day I felt free LOL. It took a minute though.

Now, don’t let me give you the incomplete idea. The entire spa isn’t a nudist camp. There’s one specific area where it’s clothes free. The thing is, it’s the first area you “bump” into.  When you go upstairs, you have to put on clothing though. There’s a fabulous rooftop jacuzzi:


Have you ever gone to a spa where people were au naturale?

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2013 Best of Radiant Brown Beauty and What’s Changing

Reviewing the most popular posts of 2013 and an overview of what to expect in 2014

best of radiant brown beauty

Happy New Year!

Let’s get right to it shall we? It’s a new year and some things are changing here at Radiant Brown Beauty. But, before we get into that, let’s take a look at some of the best posts from 2012:

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What’s Changing Here

With a new year comes new ideas and new ways to implement them. Blogging has become more than a hobby for me. That’s why I’m always thinking of the most productive and creative ways to share information with you.

Aside from special posts that may come throughout the year as a result of holidays or promotions, I’ll only be posting twice a week as opposed to three times. Why?

For starters, I truly believe in quality over quantity. Having a special needs child, my life is getting very full. Especially, the older he gets. Therefore, I’d rather post less often but provide you with the most thorough, comprehensive, entertaining or helpful information up front.

Instead of posting hair related posts on Mondays/skin related posts on Wednesdays/Product Reviews & others on Fridays, I will post as follows:

* 2x weekly on Mondays and Thursdays
* Mondays posts will always be about hair
* Thursday posts will be about anything beauty related but hair (skin, products, makeup, etc)

I’m also implementing theme months. By that, I will be writing related posts surrounding a particular theme all month. Here’s the preliminary list of themes:

Theme: New Beginnings (beauty related of course)

Theme: Loving Yourself Inside and Out

Theme: What’s Trending for Spring

Theme: Spring Into Beauty (How To’s)

Theme: Your Health & Your Hair

Theme: White (TBC)

Theme: Summer beauty

Theme: Handling beauty emergencies

Theme: Month of Sharing (other people’s content…attributed, of course)

Theme: Autumn Beauty Spotlight

Theme: Month of Thankfulness (a review of 2014 to date)

Theme: Month of Giving

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Here’s a to a wonderful year of sharing and beauty!

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My Favorite Stores for Organizing Products

stores for organizing products

Last week I shared my newly organized kitchen. I’ve been re-organizing my entire apartment, getting rid of things and finding a home for everything. I’m still in the process of completing it all but figured now would be a great time to share some of my favorite store for buying organizing products for the home.

  • Hands down, the Container Store is #1. I’m like a kid in the candy store when I go there. They have everything you need to organize your home, or any place for that matter. I’ve literally spent hours in that store.
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond is my next favorite store to shop for organizing products. While their prices are a little higher, I love that Bed, Bath and Beyond is generous with their coupons. While the paper coupons you receive in the snail mail do have an expiration date, they don’t actually expire. I’m not sure why they have an expiration date but hey, I love that I can use them whenever. 20% off one item or 20% off the entire purchase is what they usually offer. You can also use the coupons at Harmon Stores.
  • is not only one of my favorite online retailers, I’ve discovered you can search for just about any organizing product online and they have it. You can compare retailers too. I also love that I can add things to my wish list if I’m not yet prepared to buy it. For ex: there’s a shower curtain with organizing pockets on the outside of it that I’m eyeing.
  • Target is another great place to find organizing products for the home (or office). Their prices are pretty good and while the quality is not up to par with the Container Store or Bed, Bath & Beyond, they are much more affordable.  If you’re just starting out, you’ll find a lot of great things at Target.
  • Michael’s is another favorite of mine. I go there for very specific things…. baskets. You can find all sorts of baskets at Michael’s in various materials and shapes. What’s also great is they are usually on sale.

The online store, Organize It would have made the list but their store policies and customer service are awful. If you place an order and cancel it within 2 minutes, you are charged a $6 fee. It’s their way of getting money out of you in the event you decide you no longer want what they have to offer.  I get that if you return an item, you should have to cover some sort of restocking fee but restocking did they have to do in minutes of receiving my order that wasn’t processed til a day later (even after I canceled it).

Plus, many other stores don’t charge this fee. Who does Organize It think that they are? Their service reps have nasty attitudes as well. I’ve purchased from them in the past and didn’t have to deal with customer service but after this last experience, I will never patronize them again. It’s not like they have the best prices anyway.

To sum it up, I’ve been so into my hair, nails and beauty in general that I let my home get a bit in a disarray. Plus, I managed to accumulate so much that I didn’t really have a place for everything. No more. After taking Alejandra Costello’s Organizing course, I now know how to upkeep my looks and my home.

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