09 Jun

5 Lessons Learned from Being in The Natural Hair Community

natural hair community

natural hair community

People in the natural hair community have a lot of feelings and beliefs about hair. Some are extreme with their views. Others are more reasonable yet their preferences regarding hairstyling and hair care run deep. I’ve been natural for over 10 years yet didn’t fully learn how to care for my hair until 2011. I used to care for my hair similar to when I was relaxed and I stopped counting at 10 years.

I also never tracked the actual date that I became fully natural. And that brings me to the first thing I learned from interacting with the natural hair community:

  1. Many naturals track the date they become fully natural (also known as the “napturalversary” and…never-stop-counting.
    OK. I think it’s great to keep track of your progress but down to the date of your big chop and then 2nd big chop? I guess to each her own (or his) but I’m wondering why people put such a badge of honor or knowing the exact date their hair had no more chemical straightening to it.  I mean, not many people even remember the exact date they graduated from college.

    In general, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to keep track of the date one becomes natural as long as other important milestones in life are also being tracked.

  2. Bigger hair seems more appealing than defined hair.
    Now, I know not everyone feels this way but it seems the majority of folks really prefer big ‘ole fros over flatter hair that may be more defined.

    Conversely, if you have hair that doesn’t have a huge amount of density but can get great defined curls, length will carry you over.

  3. Silicones are wildly perceived as “evil” by the masses.
    Many naturals follow the Curly Girl Method. The concern is that silicones build up on the hair shaft.

    While it’s entirely possible, I have found that using a clarifying product like Shea Moisture’s Purification Masque along with an apple cider vinegar rinse takes care of that. Again, this is my discovery.

  4. Hair typing is more accepted than not. While many naturals say that they don’t follow the Andre Walker Hair Typing system, it seems just as many, if not more will reference their hair according to the system.

    I personally think the hair typing system is fine to use as a point of reference to find products that work across the board for people who tend to have similar hair types. What needs to be acknowledged more is that most people have more than one “type” of curl on their heads. For example, my hair is widely labeled as a type 3C but there are sprinkles of 4A in the crown and 3B the nape.  When I was first seeking out methods to care for my hair, I sought out information on each of those types.
  5. Big chops are a big deal. When a lady makes the decision to cut off her relaxer, I think it’s wonderful. However, I suspect that some transitioners may feel somewhat”less than” because they choose not to cut all of their hair off. Some of the inconsiderate comments that people make after they are fully natural stuns me. Yes, relaxers are no good for your hair but everyone has to come to their own conclusion about that.

    Then, there’s those who do a 2nd big chop and even 3rd big chop. Why is this such a big deal? Within the natural hair community, it’s almost like a badge of honor to cut all of your hair off. I’ve heard statements like, “It’s just hair. It will grow back.” Will it? Your hair has a life cycle. If you are young, then maybe you have time to experiment but if you’re not so young and looking to grow your hair to a long length eventually, you could be cutting out precious time needed for you to reach that goal.

    Personally, I see a woman’s hair as her crown and glory (see 1 Corinthians 11:15) and to just chop it all off for no other reason than to just “get rid of” hair, just doesn’t seem right to me.

Last but not least, while this is not part of my list, I learned that there are no real hard and fast rules to caring for natural hair (other than following a hair care regiment that works for you). There’s too many people out there looking to achieve a desired look that they see on another person and it’s not even possible for their type, texture or density of hair. I now do what works for MY hair.

On that note I say, “Stay in your lane. Do your own hair and learn to do it well. ”

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20 Feb

Get Naked and Release Your Inhibitions

spa castle

A trip to Spa Castle brought out some thangs!

spa castle

This month is all about loving yourself. My birthday was last month. My sister, daughter, niece and some friends spent a day at Spa Castle.

Treating myself is not something I do often. It’s usually because of one of two things: I don’t have the $ to do what I’d like or I don’t have the time.

Well, last month at Sa Castle I discovered something interesting about myself and others. Amidst the relaxing saunas, ice pools, relaxation rooms and jacuzzis, I discovered how liberating Getting naked in front of strangers can be!

Now, let me clean that up a bit….

It’s not that I just couldn’t wait to get naked in front of other people. On the contrary. When we first got to Spa Castle, I must admit. I was overwhelmed by the freeness by which women walked around nude, lying around in the hot tubs and saunas.

There was all sorts of “bodies” there. I think I saw enough tits and slits to last a lifetime. Lawd! Women were bending over and….you get the point. It was cray cray! I just could not understand it. This was different than just changing clothes in a girls locker room. It was like walking around naked at home and then inviting friends over!

Even getting naked in front my own family members felt weird. However, by the end of the day I felt free LOL. It took a minute though.

Now, don’t let me give you the incomplete idea. The entire spa isn’t a nudist camp. There’s one specific area where it’s clothes free. The thing is, it’s the first area you “bump” into.  When you go upstairs, you have to put on clothing though. There’s a fabulous rooftop jacuzzi:


Have you ever gone to a spa where people were au naturale?

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02 Jan

2013 Best of Radiant Brown Beauty and What’s Changing

best of radiant brown beauty

Reviewing the most popular posts of 2013 and an overview of what to expect in 2014

best of radiant brown beauty

Happy New Year!

Let’s get right to it shall we? It’s a new year and some things are changing here at Radiant Brown Beauty. But, before we get into that, let’s take a look at some of the best posts from 2012:

10 Non-Negotiable Practices of Naturals Who Retain Length

Incorporating The Green House Effect “GHE” Into My Hair Regimen

The Baggy Method vs The Greenhouse Effect Method

40 Days of Coconut Oil Challenge

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How “Bed Head” Prevents You From Retaining Length

Benefits of Removing Eye Makeup with Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Why Steaming Should Be Part of Your Hair Care Regimen

Why I Have a Problem With Co-Washing Only

What’s Changing Here

With a new year comes new ideas and new ways to implement them. Blogging has become more than a hobby for me. That’s why I’m always thinking of the most productive and creative ways to share information with you.

Aside from special posts that may come throughout the year as a result of holidays or promotions, I’ll only be posting twice a week as opposed to three times. Why?

For starters, I truly believe in quality over quantity. Having a special needs child, my life is getting very full. Especially, the older he gets. Therefore, I’d rather post less often but provide you with the most thorough, comprehensive, entertaining or helpful information up front.

Instead of posting hair related posts on Mondays/skin related posts on Wednesdays/Product Reviews & others on Fridays, I will post as follows:

* 2x weekly on Mondays and Thursdays
* Mondays posts will always be about hair
* Thursday posts will be about anything beauty related but hair (skin, products, makeup, etc)

I’m also implementing theme months. By that, I will be writing related posts surrounding a particular theme all month. Here’s the preliminary list of themes:

Theme: New Beginnings (beauty related of course)

Theme: Loving Yourself Inside and Out

Theme: What’s Trending for Spring

Theme: Spring Into Beauty (How To’s)

Theme: Your Health & Your Hair

Theme: White (TBC)

Theme: Summer beauty

Theme: Handling beauty emergencies

Theme: Month of Sharing (other people’s content…attributed, of course)

Theme: Autumn Beauty Spotlight

Theme: Month of Thankfulness (a review of 2014 to date)

Theme: Month of Giving

Stay informed. Don’t forget to subscribe ~~~~~> Subscribe for free here

Here’s a to a wonderful year of sharing and beauty!

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