10 Dec

RBB Gift Guide: Recommended Skin Care & Beauty Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you figured out what you want to give your loved ones (that includes you!) this year?

Last week I shared some Christmas gifts for your hair. Today, I’m sharing some gifts that are perfect for the lady who wants to get her skin in order, healthy or maintain its wellness. One of these is on my personal list as well :-)

Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Care System

There are many dupes on the market but nothing can compare to the Clarisonic (based on the reviews). The unit may appear to be expensive  to some but it pays for itself is spades over time. The more you use, the clearer your skin gets because the cleaner it gets. Nothing can remove dirt and bacteria like the Clarisonic (except what they have at the dermatologist office). This is the ultimate DIY skin care device.

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Skin Care

dickinsons witch hazel line

I’ve tried many skin care products over the years. Some were very expensive and didn’t do much for my skin. That’s when I realized it all goes back to simplicity. Witch hazel has been used for years to cleanse, tone and refresh the skin. It’s helped me clear up my acne by drying out pimples and the wipes are perfect for removing makeup. (Check out my review of the Dickinson’s Towelettes here).

I’m still working through tons of skin care products that have been sent to me for review but the Dickinson’s Witch Hazel line of skin care products is what I will settle on. There’s nothing like it. AND, it’s affordable. You can fine this entire line in drug stores across the nation. Buy the entire line for yourself or a loved one. It’s for all skin types. Yay!

Birchbox Subscription

birchbox gift

This is more than a skin care product. It’s a service that opens doors. I had a one year subscription to Birchbox that has introduced me to so many brands of makeup and skin care products. Based on the questionnaire filled out, you will receive samples & full size products that meet your interests. Give it as a gift and the recipient will fill out  the questionnaire. Check out Birchbox skin care here.

That’s all folks. I don’t have a lot to recommend for skin care this year. I find that these 3 are enough.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

20 Nov

One Thing You Need to Change About Your Skin Care in Fall/Winter

skin care

Are you caring for your skin in autumn the same way you cared for it in summer?

If you answered yes, you may be making a big mistake.

As you age, your skin’s needs change (loss of elasticity, increased dryness etc) but also, as the seasons change your skin’s needs change. In autumn, the temperatures are rapidly beginning to cool in most of the country. With cooler temps, come the risk of dryer skin.

While cleansing your skin is something you need to do forever and always, how you moisturize your skin needs to change as well. Think about how much more you need to impart and seal in moisture. Just as you should be applying heavier moisturizers to your hair in the cooler months, the same goes for your skin.

Your lotions should be replaced with heavier creams or butters (preferably butters). They are much more rich in nutrients to feed and protect your delicate skin. Butters like shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter are rich in Vitamin A and help to really lock in moisture into your skin while simultaneously improving its elasticity.

So, if you are still using lotions on your skin in autumn right into winter, consider putting them away until the warmer weather returns. Start luxuriating. Protect your skin from the rapidly declining temperatures starting now. Don’t wait until it’s freezing out. Get your delicate skin used to thicker creams and butters. My choice of butter is mango butter.

What’s yours?


06 Nov

Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System – Yay or Nay?

mary kay clear proof system review

I’ve been test driving Mary Kay’s Clear Proof Acne system for a little over two weeks now. Before I share my review of the product line, a few deets:

My Skin

For the past 5-6 years I’ve been dealing with cystic acne. These little hard pimples tend to pop up out of nowhere along my jawline. They have been known to stick around for weeks, even months. They are small so not that visible but they can definitely be felt. I was prescribed a gel by my dermatologist to treat it. Other than the cystic acne, I get an occassional outbreak before or during my menstrual cycle. It’s usually a pimple or two around my mouth or on my cheek (If you look hard enough you can see the blemished area in the photo above!).

The Products

The Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System consists of:

•Clear Proof® Clarifying Cleansing Gel,** 4.5 oz.
•Clear Proof® Blemish Control Toner,** 5 fl. oz.
•Clear Proof® Acne Treatment Gel,** 1 oz.
•Clear Proof® Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin, 3 fl. oz.

Retail Price is: $45 (pretty affordable. I received the set complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. You can check out other reviews on social media by simply following the hashtag #ClearProof)

Active Ingredients: (2 key ingredients popular in most acne products): Salicylic acid to unclog pores and promote easy removal of dead skin cells. Benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria and help dissolve the buildup of dead skin cells.

My Review

Now, onto my actual opinion on the products…

Overall, I give this line 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. Why? Two reasons:

  • While the products were very effective at drying out and clearing up a couple of pimples that popped up prior to my last menstrual cycle (and I do mean FAST..as in two days fast), the products weren’t as effective on my cystic acne. The prescription gel that my doctor provided has proven to be the most effective at clearing up this type of acne to date.
  • Mary Kay isn’t very transparent with the ingredients in the Clear Proof system. Notice I shared the “active” ingredients? Well, what about the inactive ingredients? These are just as important to me. It’s the inactive ingredients that I tend to look for because these are the parabens and other synthetic things that are hidding in products that I try to stay away from. How can I avoid these if I don’t even know if they are there?? Maybe that’s the plan. I don’t know but I checked the packaging of each product as well as Mary Kay’s website. No full ingredient list. Besides, why should I, no we have to search for them?

So, while Mary Kay’s Clear Proof Acne System is really effective at treating “basic” acne clearing up the occasional outbreak, it doesn’t handle my cystic acne problem. That, coupled with the “secret” ingredient list, I’d more than likely not purchase this system.

If synthetic ingredients aren’t that big a deal to you and you don’t have cystic acne, I’d say go for it. You may find it to be very effective for sporadic outbreaks. The system is also supposed to clear up old blemishes. I can’t speak to that as of yet. I don’t think I’ve been using the products long enough to determine.


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