17 Jul

The Only Two Skin Care Products You Need To Carry With This Summer

Stock your purse with these skin care products for easy summer skin care on the go.


The sun can wreak total havoc on your skin…if you let it. While, it may not be as harsh as winter weather, you can still get skin damage from being outdoors in the summer.

Here are a few cheap (and small items) to carry with you so that you can protect your skin from the hot temps while you’re on the go:

1) Sunscreen (get a sample size that works double duty for face and body).
Although you may apply sunscreen before you leave the house (you do, don’t you??), as the day goes on reapplication is required. Even, if you aren’t jumping in and out of a body of water all day, you should still reapply your sunscreen to the exposed areas of your skin. I apply my second coating of sunscreen just before leaving the office for the day.

2) Lip Balm or Tint with SPF
It’s easy to forget your lips when going outdoors. After all, they don’t typically dry out as much in the summer (unless you’re in and out of that body of water, of course) but they still need protection. And since, you probably avoid applying your regular sunscreen to your lips, you need something that will protect that part of skin on your face as well. A lip tint containing SPF provides you protection as well as some color. Hey, you have to be cute too. You never know who you may run into! #Noplainlips

That’s it. These are the only two skin care products you really need to take with you during the summer. Sure, you can carry your scented lotions and creams (especially, if you like bees) but what’s the point?

The idea is you are PROTECTING your skin from damage due to being exposed to the hot temps and the sun’s UV rays. If you must have a scent, look for a sunscreen that has a light scent. But, remember. You’re trying to carry as little with you as possible and you want that sunscreen to also double as a face product.

I don’t know about you but, having sensitive skin I don’t care to have fragrance in my face products. As for your lips, you can be a little more footloose and fancy free with scent or rather flavoring. There are plenty of tinted lip balms on the market that have a little flavor as well as SPF. Here are a few:

Don’t get caught in the hot sun without your skin protectors: Sunscreen and Lip Tint/Balm. It’s all you really need.

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01 Apr

First Event Learning to Beat My Face – NYCFlawLessFace Recap

every day face makeup

me and nozziebynicole

I’m 45. I wait until this late stage of the game to learn how to beat my face.

That’s right. While I do love all things beauty, I’ve never really been inclined to wear much makeup. It just seemed too complicated.

flawless face demo

every day face makeup

But, I really love a well beaten face (OK I should stop saying it that way). I love a flawless looking face so I decided to up my makeup game and learn some actual skills to get the job done.

This past Sunday, I went to the #NYCFlawlessFace event where professional makeup artist NozzieByNicole, demonstrated how to create every day flawless face.

Much of what Nicole shared I learned from various other sources but it was good to see it demonstrated live. She made it seem so easy too!

make up demo

There was about 30 ladies in attendance (a nice intimate group) and we each had time to ask Nicole some of our makeup (and skin care) questions.

While I wish the event was a little longer and there was a little more hands on “training,” I think I picked up enough to create my own every day flawless face.

While I’ve gotten much better, I still need to work on my blending! Overall though, I didn’t do too bad of a job. I received numerous compliments (They didn’t look up close lol).

flawless face

Now, don’t let me neglect to mention that this event was coordinated and hosted by CurlsandMo. She’s such a down to earth sister and she also puts on a number of natural hair events (I’m looking forward to attending some of those).

Me with @CurlsandMo Ugh, being next to her reminds me of how much wait I still need to lose!

Me with @CurlsandMo
Ugh, being next to her reminds me of how much weight I still need to lose! And, that’s my Weight Watchers Active Link sticking out of my shirt LOL!

Mo, short for Monet, is also a beauty blogger and you can find her blog here.

Before I go, check out all the swag received at the event:

nycflawlessface swag

You know I was thrilled to get a sampling of Shea Moisture’s new makeup line. I received a blush and can’t wait to check out some of the other products in the makeup line but until then I’ll be scooping up some of my other favorite Shea Moisture products now that I have this book load of coupons!

In addition to the Shea Moisture, I also received a Green Tea Facial Wash from Gaisie Body Essentials (stay tuned for a review of this), tons of cosmetics/brushes from ELF Cosmetics and I won the raffle which was a lip scrub and lip balm from SDotBeauty.

I really wanted that scrub and here’s why:

SDotBeauty lip care

See how my crusty lips were transformed? LOL chile, there’s no shame in my game. I think we’ve all been there. Just take care of your situation when it arises :-)

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20 Mar

What’s Trending: In Skin, Hair & Black is Back….Again

2014 trending skin care

Taking a closer look at skin care and hair products that are front in center on the beauty scene.

2014 trending skin care

If you’re even the slight bit curious as to what’s trending in the world of beauty, then this post is for you. Every time you turn around, there’s a new type of product popping up on the beauty scene. While there’s really not much new under the sun, there’s great advancements in the world of beauty. In other news, it’s the same ole same ole. Check out what’s trending – new and……again.

DNA Skin Care

DNA skin care products are the latest big wave in skin care. The ingredients in these types of skin care products will protect the DNA of your skin and rejuvenate the cells so that you look younger.

Here are a few products I’ve noticed already on the market*:

Telomere DNA Cell Cream



*I’m sharing these products but this is not an endorsement for them as I have never tried them.

Oil Based Skin Care

Oils are famous for giving your skin a dewy finish. They also help to seal in moisture. I’m still on the fence with oil cleansing but many ladies find it to be effective.

If you haven’t already, you’ll see plenty of oil based cleansers and serums popping up on the shelves. Here are a few that I’m eyeballing:

Olay Regenerist Micro-Scupting Cream

Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer

Anti-wrinkle Serums

Anti-wrinkle serums are nothing new on the market. However, product manufacturers appear to be upping their game by making serums that do a little more than smooth out your skin (think even out skin tone). A brand I tried recently was Meaningful Beauty.

DD Creams

You’ve heard of BB creams and CC creams. There’s also DD creams available (you won’t typically find them in drug stores). Sephora carries them but Julep offers DD Cremes that offer shades for darker skin: Julep DD Creme.

Hair Mousse

As old school as you can get (and I’m not participating in this one), hair mousse is making a come back. Many celebrities are using mousse to sleek back their buns as well as to add volume to their loose hairdos.

Giovanni has an All Natural Hair Styling Mousse that I would buy….IF I were into using mousse :-).

And There’s Black

As if cutting edge skin care products and old school hair products playing in the same beauty arena weren’t enough, black is making a comeback in cosmetics.

OK. Truth be told, black is always in style. At least in my book it is. However, as you know, the powers that be (designers and stylists that frame the fashion minds of people with their runway styles), will often reintroduce classic styles from time to time.

If you were paying close attention to celebs on the Red Carpet recently (clearly, I have nothing better to do), you noticed a common theme. Black.

If not black, dark colors like purple and grey graced celebs like Nia Long, Faith Evans and Leona Lewis. These ladies were sporting vampy manis and dramatic dark eye makeup.

About freaking time!

I never grow tired of deep dark colors like black, brown, purple or winter green. They always look good against my skin so they never play out.

black cherry nail polish with a christmas colored accent

dark manicure

If you only like to wear certain nail polish or makeup when celebs start wearing them (shame on you!), then now’s the time to pull out the dark and deep colored cosmetics. I’ll still be rocking these babies next year :-)

So, what trending cosmetics and colors do you plan on incorporating into your wardrobe this year?

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