Skin Care 101: Brown Skin Beauty

How to Focus and Jump Start Your Skin's Health

General Skin Care

general skin careThe building blocks of healthy skin begin with your basic or general skin care habits. How you care for your beautifully pigmented skin every day helps to determine it’s appearance for the long haul.

If you haven’t been taking regular good care of your skin or if you are just learning later in life, it’s never too late to start caring for your skin. This section on general skin can will help you with that.

This section of Skin Care 101: Brown Beauty will be updated through the year to include general skin care tips based on skin type and as the seasons change. Check back regularly because additional articles will be added.

The following articles will help you with general skin care needs:

Ethnic Skin Friends and Foes

10 Ethnic Skin – Do’s and Don’t Ya’s

One A Day for Healthy Skin and Nails

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How to Focus and Jumpstart Your Skin’s Health

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Top 6 Natural Ways to Brighten Your Face for Glowing Skin

Summertime Glowing Skin Tips

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How to Find an Esthetician

The Skin Library

Transitioning Skin Care (Spring)

5 Steps to Restoring Your Skin to a Youthful Glow

My Aesthetician’s Tips for Skin Health and Radiance

Protective Skin Series

5 At Home Strategies to Improve Your Skin’s Clarity

Protective Skin Series: Why Use Eye Cream

Protective Skin Series: Tips for a Cleaner Face

Protective Skin Series: Why Gravity Isn’t Your Skin’s Friend

Protective Skin Series: What to Look for in a Lip Balm

Protective Skin Series: Is Your Sunscreen Sufficient?

Protective Skin Series: How to Transition from Summer to Winter Skin Care

Protective Skin Series: Healthier Skin from The Inside Out

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What’s Missing From Your Skin Care Regimen?

5 Minute Face Routine

What’s Next?

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Products and Ingredients

product ingredients for skin careNo resource on how to care for your skin would be complete without addressing the types of products you use or the importance of educating yourself on the ingredients that are in those products.

Women of color tend to have sensitive skin. In order to upkeep our brown beauty (it’s health and radiance), we have to make sure we are using products with gentle ingredients.

The articles below include information on using natural ingredients and nature based products:

11 Natural Foods In Your Kitchen To Use In A Budget Facial Mask

Luscious Ingredients for Super Hydrated Skin

4 Must Have Beauty Products from Blended Naturals Your Skin Will Thank You For

How to Save Money on Skin Care Products

An Easy 3 Step System for Taming Oily Skin

Avoid These Soap Ingredients Like The Plague

The Minimalist Guide to Choosing Products for Your Skin Type

A Foolproof Method to Know What Products Work for Your Skin Type

Ingredients that Strip Away Beneficial Oils from Your Skin

Should You Use Skin Care Products Containing Mineral Oil?

The Benefits of Oatmeal for Your Skin and a Recipe!

Two Natural Agents for Clear Skin

Boost Your Skin’s Moisture with These Paraben Free Products


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Problems and Conditions

skin care info overloadInevitably, you will face a skin problem in your lifetime.  Blackheads, acne, and eczema are among the common skin conditions that women of pigmented skin face.

It’s easy to be bombarded with all of the information on skin problems and conditions. Advice to care for those problems and conditions can be equally as overwhelming.

This compilation of articles was assembled to help you cut through all of the information overload.

Here, it’s simplified for you.

Below you’ll find links to skin care articles containing solutions and advice

3 Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads Fast

How to Prevent Blackheads from Spoiling Your Beauty

Prophylactic vs Therapeutic Acne Care

Discover The Cause of Your Acne With Face Mapping

Can I Improve My Skin’s Elasticity?

How to Take Charge of Your Skin Problems

Dark Spots Under Eyes

Natural or Synthetic Skin Care – Which is Better?

A Foolproof Method to Know What Skin Care Products Work for Your Skin

Applying Sunscreen and Fading Uneven Skin Tone

Natural Remedies for Skin Allergies

Don’t See A Skin Condition Your Interested In Learning More About?

What you don’t find here, you may find in the Brown Beauty Video Glossary. If you don’t find it there, contact me to let me know what you’d like more information on.

Oily Skin Care

skin care 101 oil cleansingMany ladies are trying a technique known as the Oil Cleansing Method to help curb the extra oil production in their skin.  The problem is most of the information that’s out there on oil cleansing is incomplete.

Some will argue the pros of oil cleansing while others will argue the cons. If you’ve ever tried to oil cleanse without complete information, you know how frustrating it can be.

Taking the time to educate yourself on this technique will help you determine if oil cleansing is right for you. Check out the articles:

The Oil Cleansing Method and What You Need To Know

How They Do Oil Cleansing

7 Reasons to Say NO to Oil Cleansing

More on Oily Skin Care:

5 Signs Your Skin is Producing Too Much Oil

Simple Skin Care Regimen for Oily Skin

Clean Balanced Skin with Dickinson’s Oil Controlling Towelettes

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Dry Skin Care

Unlike oily or normal skin, dry skin is severely deficient of much needed moisture and natural oils. When the balance is thrown off between the two, dry skin is the result. The following posts are written to provide suggestions on caring for dry skin.

The One Soap That Won’t Dry Your Face Out

Causes and Treatment of Dry Skin