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Should You Use Skin Care Products Containing Mineral Oil?

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Mineral oil. “It’s evil. Stay away from it. Especially in your hair care products.”mineral oil

You’ve probably heard that or something like it but does it have any merit? If it’s been estimated by the masses that you should avoid mineral in your hair care products, what about your skin care products? Is it OK if they containing mineral oil?

A Lubricant and Little More

For starters, it’s important to understand what mineral oil actually is. Mineral oil is a petroleum based lubricant. You’ll find it in baby oil, diaper creams and other skin care products. It’s been used for years in skin care products but not without controversy.

Mineral oil does not allow moisture (water) to penetrate the skin which is necessary to keep it from becoming dehydrated and dried out.

Unlike natural oils derived from Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, mineral oil will not help you to seal moisture into your skin.

Mineral oil also sits on top of the skin’s surface  so if it’s mixed into a product such a moisturizer, it does not allow that moisturizer to adequately penetrate the deep layers of your skin. Hence, the moisturizer is made ineffective.

Mineral Oil’s Effect on Acne Prone Skin

If you have oily acne prone skin and use mineral oil based products, you may also notice an increase in your skin’s oil production. This greatly increases the chance of a near future outbreak. That’s because  mineral oil clogs the pores causing your sebaceous glands to “overwork” by producing more oil.  Your skin can not breathe.

With all of these hindrances to your skin being able to receive and/or retain moisture, I’d say it’s a good decision to avoid skin care products containing mineral oil.

What do you say?

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11 thoughts on “Should You Use Skin Care Products Containing Mineral Oil?

  1. The moment I ran out of lotions, I have an alternative. Essential oils are there in my closet for a rescue. Yes, sounds so funny but it really helped and it gives better results.

  2. When my son was burned 2 years ago and his open wound had finally closed we had to put lotion on him several times a day. We were told that we should use baby lotion because the whole point of the lotion was to provide his skin with moisture. We ended up having to buy a hospital brand for him and I’m glad that we did. His skin will never be perfect, but at least he’s not horribly scared.

    • that baby lotion that’s sold on the markets is full of crap. i won’t name the popular brands but you know what I’m talking about.

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