14 Oct

My Skin Care Regimen – Do’s And Darn It Don’t Do’s

Did you like that? I said darn it. I don’t curse. At least I try not to. If I get REALLY angry, it’s a possibility and then I have to repent.

God didn’t create me for all that filthy language.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you the things I currently do and don’t do to maintain healthy skin. It’s sort of an addendum to My Daily Skin Care Regimen, What’s Yours?

The goal is to stay young looking as loooooooooooong as possible (FYI, I’l be 43 in January)!

* I don’t switch up my skin care products every day or even every week. Sometimes I do product reviews, at which time I have to stop using my current Skin Clarifying Face products. I usually review a product line for 2 weeks before forming my opinion unless it’s absolutely awful at the beginning (ex: causes an outbreak). Then I go back to my staples.

* I try not to touch my face during the day. Even if I find that I’m a little oily, I’ll use a face blotter sheet but not a tissue and certainly not my hands.

* I follow a daily skin care regimen that’s simple. It’s for my skin type and I do it daily….almost :-)

* I air dry my skin. It reduces the chances of bacteria coming in contact with your skin. If I’m in a rush and can’t air dry, I’ll pat dry with a tissue (rarely)

* I don’t use harsh abrasives on my skin. It’s a recipe for disaster (ex: deep blemishes)

* I use sunscreen even when the sun isn’t shining

My skin care regimen is simple and doesn’t require much more than consistency. Of course, things are subject to change as I learn more.

Further Reading: 10 Ethnic Skin Do’s and Don’t Yas

How about you? Are you consistent with caring for your skin?

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9 thoughts on “My Skin Care Regimen – Do’s And Darn It Don’t Do’s

    • I tried the Bar Escentuals cleanser. It’s gentle for sure but I like my brand better…and not because it’s my brand lol. I just find it cleanses more thoroughly.

      I’m thinking of getting a Clarisonic. You should do a review :-)

  1. I like the idea of air drying my skin. More so at night; in the morning I’m usually a hot mess flying around trying to do 20 things at once. I also needed that smack on the hand re: not using sunscreen. Any recommendations?

    • you can fly around in the morning with a wet face getting everything else ready. By the time you iron your clothes for ex: your face would be dry!

      I like Eucerin Every Day Face Lotion with SPF 30. It’s for sensitive skin and doesn’t leave a chalky film on your skin. You can get it at a big chain drug store like Rite Aid, Walgreen’s etc.

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