02 Jan

Skin Health Goals for 2013

skin health goals for 2013

Every day presents a new opportunity to improve upon yourself. Many people use a new year to work on their personal goals. That’s what I’m doing.

Regardless to if you use each new day or the upcoming of a new year to make some changes to improve yourself doesn’t matter. As long as you’re always striving to be better, that’s what counts.

In this video I shared my skin care goals for 2013 (NOTE: I filmed this before 2013 actually rolled around).

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15 thoughts on “Skin Health Goals for 2013

    • Always great to set goals. Even if you don’t meet them all, there’s something you have made tangible to continue looking forward to.


    • Hey, you can set an alarm when to drink that’s what I do. 8 ounces is actually not a lot. You can set to drink every hour and drink a cup with each meal too. You’ll get it in that way. Stop drinking at least 2 hours before bedtime though

  1. So happy to read this. I can relate to this Skin Health goals 2013 and I really appreciate that you share it here.

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