Summer Is Leaving But Keep Wearing Sunscreen

importance of wearing sunscreenThe dog days of summer are almost gone. It’s a little sad for those of us who love the hot weather. The BBQs and trips to the beach are about to end. No more need for sunscreen. Scrrrreech. Not!

Why You Should Keep Wearing Sunscreen

Just because summer is ending, that doesn’t mean you need to stop wearing sunscreen. The sun may not be as hot but UV rays are always present. They are present even when it’s raining.

UV rays make their presence even through the clouds. Your skin is always at risk so you need to protect it from harm.

Every morning make it a point, no a practice to apply your sunscreen before leaving the house. Protect your face, your ears, your neck and any other part of your skin that will be exposed – without exception.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if it’s gloomy looking. If you’re going to spend a significant time outdoors, wear your sunscreen. Trust me. As the years pass, your skin will thank you by being more radiant and resisting early wrinkles.


Type of Sunscreen to Wear

Now that you see the importance of wearing sunscreen whenever you go outdoors (rain or shine), let’s talk about the type of sunscreen you should be wearing.

Well, it’s the same type of sunscreen you should have been wearing in the summer LOL!  Your sunscreen needs to have to following features for it to be effective:

  • A sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 which is supposed to block out about 97% of the sun’s rays.
  • An SPF of above 50 is not necessarily better. The FDA has instituted some rules for manufacturers.
  • Broad spectrum coverage – UVA, UVB and even UVC rays (something we hardly ever hear about)

UVA rays are said to be the most damaging of the bunch, causing skin cancer with exposure. UVB rays can cause damage to DNA in the result of a sun tan or burn. It’s believed that UVC rays do not reach the earth because of the ozone layer. Now really? That may be true but I don’t think I want to leave my skin exposed in any way. Just think about the rate at which the earth’s ozone layer is being depleted with the use of aerosol sprays, chemicals etc.

A broad spectrum sunscreen should be able to provide a high level of protection from UV rays, although not 100%. For a detailed study on UV rays, check out:

For the FDAs consumer updates on sunscreen, visit 

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    • Moisturizers that contain SPF are usually formulated with SPF 15. If your moisturizer contains SPF 30 then you are good. Otherwise, SPF 15 provides very little protection

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  7. I wore ton’s of sun screen on the honeymoon! We used Neutrogena Anti aging 110 sunscreen on our faces an necks and it worked great. We used coppertone sport 50 on our bodies.

    • Tanning is not all its cracked up to be. While it may look nice, what’s actually happening is the DNA is being changed. Tans are actually damaged skin.

      Great that you’re wearing sunscreen daily!

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