04 Aug

BlogHer 12 – Day 2

petsmart sponsored fashion show for blogher12

As BlogHer12 continued on in New York, it just got better


The day began with breakfast, informative sessions and lunch. The keynote speaker for lunch was Katie Couric. I didn’t stick around for her speech because I wanted to make it back to the Expo halls to connect with brands I had not previously had an opportunity to do so with.

I visited the suites of Hershey, Hot Wheels and Reader’s Digest. I’m so glad I did.  I was gifted with a toy for Christopher and I connected with Readers Digest on something near and dear to my heart. Losing weight.

Reader’s Digest recently released a book launching The Digest Diet. They will be running a program beginning in September to help people lose weight.

While in the Reader’s Digest suite, I sampled some of the shakes that can be made while on the diet. They were so tasty I signed up to be a participant in the diet program!

I’ll be in constant contact with Reader’s Digest while losing these last 25 pounds.

If you aren’t a subscriber to this here blog, sign up here.  You’ll receive updates on how the Digest Diet is working. I’ll share my triumphs and my challenges.

The Indoor BonFire

And then there was Hershey, S’mores for all!

hershey camp bonfire at blogher12hershey at blogher12hershey blogher12 sponsorcamp bonfire by hershey at blogher12

Hershey made it all fun. The room was set up like a camp in the woods. It was a relaxing suite until I almost burned it down.

See, what had happened was I was roasting a marshmallow when my stick caught on fire and the fire began to spread.

Yeah, Hershey couldn’t wait for me to leave.

More Connections & Parties

As with day 1 of BlogHer, I met so many wonderful bloggers. We spent time learning about each others blogs as well as partying together throughout the night!

social fiesta at blogher12

blogher12 party

Social fiesta party at Blogher12

A Style Fashion Show sponsored by PetSmart and 6PM and 3 parties filled the agenda- A Come as You Are Party, A Social Fiesta and the infamous CheeseburgHer sponsored by McDonald’s.

My BlogHer Day 1 post, was pretty pic happy. So, today I put some pictures from the fashion show into slide show form.

And then there was CheeseburgHER. Yes, that’s what you see. Crazy women with decorated McDonald’s paper bags on their head – including me :-)


BlogHer12 CheeseburgHER party

Next year BlogHer13 will be held in the windy city of Chicago. I don’t plan to miss it either. My husband and son are going to join me. We’ll spend any free time together (if there is any) and hubby will watch our son while I’m out learning and socializing :-)

Have you ever attended a BlogHer conference? If not, would you like to?

 brown beauty gal

03 Aug

BlogHer12 New York Conference – The Kickoff

Hillshire Farms at BlogHer

Last night’s party kicked off BlogHer12 in New York at the Hilton Hotel. It’s my first time attending a BlogHer conference and I’m really excited for what’s to come but I wanted to share a little with you about what I’ve already experienced.

Hillshire Farms at BlogHer

The Sponsors

Some of my favorite brands were also in the expo hall: Hillshire Farms, Dannon, Kozy Shack and Coffee Mate. I was able to sample so much but the best had to be from Hillshire Farms. They have these chicken apple sausages that I can’t wait to buy when I go shopping.  I had them cooked with spinach, onions, peppers, apple pieces, thyme, tomato sauce and garlic. It was delicious.

The Hair and Nails

Now, let me share what I had going on for the hair and nails lol. I did a quick wash and go with Wonder Curl products. I diffused my hair so it would dry some but I need to work on my technique.

I painted my nails with Wet ‘N Wild’s polish #237C, color Grey’s Anatomy and accented my ring finger with a layer of Wet ‘N Wild’s Shine Nail Color #435G, Sparked. I love how simplistic yet elegant the colors are.

BlogHer Hairstyle

manicure at blogher

BlogHer Manicure

If you’re interested in purchasing either of these polishes, you can find them here:

The People’s Party

After checking out the sponsors in the Expo Hall, the official BlogHer Kick Off Party began. The party, appropriately titled, The People’s Party was adequate. There was some of everybody there. I was pleased to see so many women of color too which I had not expected. Some of the lovely ladies were bloggers and a few were aspiring to be. Here are two to check out:

The food was pretty good too. There was a buffet of hot foods (not diet friendly though) at the party.

I didn’t capture photos of the party because I was exhausted carrying all the samples and other things I received from the many sponsors. Today will be different. I’ll be sure to get photos throughout the day.

Today is Day 1 of the full conference in which I’ll be learning how to become a better blogger as well as having breakfast with the Co-Founders of BlogHer and lunch with Martha Stewart!

Here are some of the sessions I’ll be attending:

* IPhoneography
* 10 Things I Can Do to Maximize My Social Media Influence
* Leveraging Facebook and Twitter
* Vlogging Bootcamp and more…

BlogHer brings together a community of bloggers from all over who lead the conversations in social media. Every year BlogHer hosts a conference for us bloggers who seek and share advice, opinions and recommendations from all walks of life.

Stay tuned for my recap on Day 1 of the BlogHer bloggers conference.

brown beauty gal

03 Aug

BlogHer12 – Day 1 Recap

justin beiber at sparklecorn

Today has been some day. I had the opportunity not only to meet so many fine bloggers with like minds where it comes to blogging, I also learned so much.

BlogHerDay1 Sessionphoto courtesy of http://ancestralchef.com

BlogHer Day 1

BlogHer put together some kind of event. There was over 5,000 people. The brands made it all possible so I want to say THANK YOU in advance.  I received so much swag, I can’t even list it all. There’s just so much. I feel blessed though because I didn’t incur any transportation costs (other than gas and parking) since BlogHer12 took place in New York.

To kick the day off, I had breakfast with 2 of the 3 BlogHer Co-Founders, Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone.  A funny thing happened too. I met Lisa unknowing that she was who she was. I thought she was just another attendee and I began to run my yap as usual!  What a pleasant surprise to discover that she was just like me – a woman who can appreciate the stories and content of bloggers as more than just babble.

I also had the fortunate opportunity to connect with some of the brands in attendance. I have to admit I was NOT expecting this. I thought this was just a simple breakfast to introduce bloggers to the Co-Founders. Little did I know that a sort of series of mini-interviews would be taking place.

Had I known that, I wouldn’t have worn flip flops!  Then, again maybe I would have. Just not the silver ones.

I guess they wanted to catch us in our element. Fortunately, I had on a nice sun dress

blogher 2012 in new york

Shortly following breakfast, I attended some of the scheduled sessions that helped me to get a better understanding of how to take this blog here to it’s best.

The morning was filled with sessions for us bloggers to learn from others. The session attended was dependent on the type of blogger you are. Being a beauty blogger, I was most interested in ways to share my content better, how to improve my visual content and connecting better with my audience.

And Then There Was Martha Stewart

Lunch was buffet style. We all convened to the grand ballroom where Martha Stewart was the keynote speaker. Martha shared a little on how her company works as well as a little about her vision. She paid homage to her employees citing them as “very hard workers.”

What I like about Martha is she seemed to be quite down to earth and transparent. She said some things while in the session that could have been considered a little….well. Like, when her mic wasn’t loud enough.

Oh, but she loves to tweet!

After lunch, there were more sessions. If you are a blogger, you should have been there :-)

In between and after sessions, there was the Expo Hall where all of the wonderful brands were displaying their products and services. One you may find of interest:

Poise at Expo

Us women need to keep our vajay-jay’s fresh. Poise can make it happen.

Wellness and Beauty in One

One of the brands in the house was Pfizer. They provided complimentary beauty treatments in their Feel Young Wellness Spa along with a ton of health products including vitamins, minerals, ChapStick and more.

My eyes and lips were made up. My new blogging friend, Louise captured some great shots. I really got to see how well my skin is fairing since my visit to the dermatologist.

makeup at blogher12

photo courtesy of http://ancestralchef.com (above and beneath. Isn’t she talented?)
wellness makeover at blogher12

And if that weren’t enough, I had the opportunity to create a video of what product from the line made me feel youngest. I will receive a link to that video soon and I’ll share it with you at that time.


I was invited to an exclusive rooftop event at the Dream Hotel. 2 bloggers were awarded a $1,500 hotel certificate. Lovely, but one was not me.

I did however get to enjoy the rooftop experience and had the opportunity to see New York from a different perspective.

Dream hotel rooftop

rooftop view of nyc from dream hotel

fish tank at the dream hotel

Throughout the evening, I met a number of powerful and strong women with voices. One came all the way from Paris, France. She writes for HJ Underway where she shares about her life in France. She has the sweetest spirit. Please visit her website. You’ll see what I mean.

RoomKey was more than gracious. They sent us bloggers home with a gift bag that included the olloclip 3-in-1 photo lense for the iPhone and a key card that was  a USB drive containing information about the company and the recipe for the watermelon mojitos we enjoyed!

Ollo Clip

And the mojito mixologists:

Dream Hotel Bartenders

 The completely evening was a blast and filled with socializing, eating and drinking (lots of drinking) at Sparklecorn. The party  that ended my evening was…..I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

sparklehorn party cakejustin beiber at sparklecornSparklecorn party

Stay tuned for the recap of BlogHer12 Day 2. It was big! I’m weeding through all the pictures so I can share only the best.

brown beauty gal