14 Jul

Taking Advantage of Humid Weather for Hair Growth

moisturized natural hair

How summer humidity can aid with natural hair growth.

moisturized natural hair

It’s growing season. The warmer the climate, the better it is for your hair. Increased humidity can provide your hair with a sort of green house effect environment. Yay!

Here are some tips on helping your hair to grow during this humid season:

Increase those scalp massages!! The heat may have your hair in a perfect setting for growth but you need to take advantage of all that humidity. (Hopefully, you don’t live in a dry, hot climate. I’m a New Yorker so, I embrace the 2 months of humid weather while they’re here!). Massage your scalp morning and night if you can. Stimulate that growth and let the humidity do the rest. Here’s what I use to aid with my massages (I love it!):

- Keep your hair well moisturized. The heat can leach moisture from your hair (not as much as in the winter, but still) so keep it very moisturized so that it doesn’t dry out while you’re in the sun.

Use a product that contains protection from the sun. Alternatively, natural products like grapeseed oil and shea butter provide some sun protection for your hair.

Embrace the wash and go. I mean really. Wash….and go. OK maybe I’m leaving out a little. Put in your products that will prevent frizz and then go. I get the softest, moisture filled wash and go’s when I apply my heavy moisturizing products. But here’s the thing, the humidity will kill your style if you don’t apply a little alcohol free gel to the mix. Now, the thing that’s going to make this wash and go super soft and hydrated is to seal everything in with a natural oil AFTER the gel. So, the oil is the last thing you will use and baby, will your hair love you at the end of the day!

I was literally walking around with totally undefined hair the other day but then I realized something. It was the softest, most moisturized poof ever! So, while I say embrace the wash and go, put your hair up into a loose high ponytail or other wash and go style that keeps your hair contained. I’ve seen some really cute styles on Youtube. Here is one video I absolutely adore:


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29 May

All Natural, Single Ingredient Conditioners

natural conditioner

The use of natural substances to condition the hair. Focusing on natural ingredients for hair care to prioritize health. natural conditioner Conditioners are probably the most important products in a hair care regimen. If I had to have just one hair product it would be a conditioner. Conditioner can be used to lightly cleanse, “conditioner” (duh) and even style the hair. Without a conditioner, your hair would be weak and dry.

Since, we are focusing a bit on health this month I wanted to share some of the ways you can incorporate all natural products into your hair regimen. There are hoards of conditioners on the market. I don’t always use all natural conditioners just because I’m such a huge lover of silicones :-) However, if I were going to focus on single ingredient conditioners, these would be it:

  • Eggs – A food yes, but also a powerful protein treatment
  • Honey – This is a natural humectant that helps your hair to absorb moisture. Honey can be used to
  • Avocado – Rich in vitamins, avocado is beneficial for stimulating hair growth and strengthening hair follicles
  • Coconut Oil – Helpful for retaining moisture, strengthening the hair from within and adding shine
  • Goat’s Milk – This is my latest and greatest natural ingredient that while it can be used alone to condition and strengthen the hair, it’s even more powerful when paired with natural oils and honey. I shared in an older post, how my hair was affected by a DIY Goat’s Milk conditioner that my friend Hairscapades shared here. I’ve been using it a little over a month now and I have seen great improvement in the strength and shine of my hair. Goat’s milk is a hair strengthening treatment that every hair type can benefit from

There are many natural substances that your hair can benefit from as ingredients. These are just the tip of the iceberg.  If you are serious about cutting chemicals out of your life, incorporate some of these into your hair care regimen. Both your hair and your health can benefit.

Do you use all natural conditioners or do you prefer others?

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18 Sep

The Latest in Skin Care: BB vs. CC Creams

lumene face creams

difference between bb and cc creams

It seems everywhere you turn, one manufacturer after another is coming up with either a new BB or CC cream. Sephora, drug stores and department stores are over run with them.

Admittedly, at first I was confused between the two. It was actually overwhelming with all of the advertising but I’ve deduced the differences between the two down to this (and there’s not much):

BB Creams

  • Provides broad spectrum protection from the sun
  • Prevents acne outbreaks
  • Helps blur skin imperfections
  • Contains anti-wrinkle properties
  • Acts as a makeup primer
  • Provides light makeup coverage
  • Contains anti-shine ingredients
  • Moisturizes
  • Helps sooth irritated skin
  • Very lightweight and easily blendable

CC Creams

  • Provides the same benefits of the BB cream with additional:
    • Coverage for more natural looking skin
    • Blurring of blemishes and evening of skin tone
  • Also, diminishes the appearance of redness

A Few Brands

I’ve tried a few brands of BB creams and now I’m looking to try some of the newer CC creams. Here are the brands that come to mind:

At the end of the day, I think it’s more marketing hype than anything between the two. They are very very similar skin creams. The only reason I would go with a CC cream over a BB cream is if I needed a little more coverage.

Note: Both BB and CC creams were originated outside of the U.S…..Figures :-)

Have you tried any of the new BB or CC creams on the market? And did you know there’s actually a DD cream available too?!

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