3 Ways to Style Large Two Strand Twists

two strand twists

In a bit of a rush, after washing my hair yesterday I threw a few large two strand twists into my natural hair.

two strand twists

I hadn’t done twists in a while because I’ve been either protective styling or wearing my natural hair out curly. The problem is I have incurred a lot of tangling which led to long finger detangling sessions. Argh!

So, I decided to return to two strand twists. Why? Well, my hair seems to tangle the least when it’s twisted up. When I take down the twists on wash day, I have much less tangling. Even if I rock a twist out, when it’s time to wash my finger detangling session isn’t too bad.

When you wear twists, you still want to style them right? Well, I’ve come up with three cute hairstyles for large two strand twists:

Do you wear large, small or mini two strand twists?

How do you style them? Share a link to a pic or video tutorial below!

brown beauty gal


Protective Skin Series: Why Use Eye Cream?

eye cream

Eye cream isn’t just for old ladies.¬†When you sleep invisible, tiny tears occur under your eye area when you sleep. This is a result of your face rubbing against your pillow.

Also, many people tend to avoid the eye area when applying sunscreen or moisturizer with spf – leaving that area exposed. Check out this video on how to properly apply eye cream and my explanation of why you need to use it.

You’ll notice in this video that I do not use the technique of patting the cream under my eye. Many people apply eye cream that way and that’s fine. I start out by patting the cream under my eye but then I blend it in an upward fashion. That’s just a matter of choice. What you will notice is I don’t drag my skin back and forth.

For more information on the eye cream used in this video, click here: Under Eye Cream

brown beauty gal

Classy Protective Style for Any Occasion


Last week I saw a video tutorial by MsRosieVelt on YouTube that was the classiest protective style. It can be worn to formal events, work or just because.

I put my own spin on the style as you can see in my picture above but here’s the original tutorial:

What I did differently was instead of creating a roll in the back, I created a giant twist that sits lower down on the head. I also, allowed a few of my front hairs to roam free, creating more of a cuffed bang.

What I really like about MsRosieVelt’s look is her roll in the back looks like it was stuffed with something. It’s so full!

brown beauty gal