11 Aug

Loose Twists: Summer Protective Style

loose twists on natural hair

A couple of weeks ago I kicked off my summer protective style series. Doing wash and go’s, twist outs and braid out, I was beginning to feel like i was manipulating my hair far too much. So, I decided to give it a rest by protective styling.

My first style was small braids. I didn’t style them much and I also didn’t make it to the 3 weeks I had planned. I just couldn’t! I hate frizzy braids and twists. There was just so much I could do to keep them neat. Plus, I have a little HIH (Hand in Hair) problem.

That, coupled with my #HairADD, I just could not keep those braids in another day! So, to keep my sanity and continue to just be me, I will be doing protective styles that I keep in for 1-2 weeks.

loose two strand twists

One of the reasons I’m protective styling is to get past this little stunt of growth I’ve been experiencing. I feel like my hair has been at the same length for a year or so. Well, with a goal of waist length (stretched hair), I have to do something.

So, I’ll be changing my hair regimen which I will share in a future post. For now, I’m on to my next protective style which is loose twists on my fine natural hair…

loose twists in a ponytaillow manipulation hairstyle for length retention

Stay tuned :)

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04 Mar

3 Ways to Style Large Two Strand Twists

two strand twists

In a bit of a rush, after washing my hair yesterday I threw a few large two strand twists into my natural hair.

two strand twists

I hadn’t done twists in a while because I’ve been either protective styling or wearing my natural hair out curly. The problem is I have incurred a lot of tangling which led to long finger detangling sessions. Argh!

So, I decided to return to two strand twists. Why? Well, my hair seems to tangle the least when it’s twisted up. When I take down the twists on wash day, I have much less tangling. Even if I rock a twist out, when it’s time to wash my finger detangling session isn’t too bad.

When you wear twists, you still want to style them right? Well, I’ve come up with three cute hairstyles for large two strand twists:

Do you wear large, small or mini two strand twists?

How do you style them? Share a link to a pic or video tutorial below!

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10 Sep

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Two Strand Twists

two strand twists on fine hair

A reader inquired about a recommended serum to use for her two strand twists. As our conversation progressed, I realized I had a lot to say on the topic due to a lot of trial and error experiences of own so this post was born.


two strand twists on fine hair

Having fine hair is one thing. Having a naturally loose curl pattern is another. The looser your curl pattern, the more apt your two strand twists are to unravel.

After trying numerous products and methods, I believe I’ve discovered a few ways to extend the life of two strand twists. If you’re a loose headed curly (that sounded weird) like me, these tips may help:

  • Twist on dry hair so it looks fuller and lasts longer
  • Start the twist out by braiding at the root.
  • Add a little alcohol free gel to the roots and hold the root of each twist with a bobby pin until you are done twisting your entire head. Optionally, you can braid the root before twisting. This helps to set the twist so that it doesn’t begin to unravel.
  • Spritz a small amount of water mixed with a leave in conditioner on dry hair before twisting.
  • Use a curl enhancing cream like Curl Enhancing smoothie or Sweet buttah Curl Prep
  • Seal the ends with Jamaican Black Castor Oil – daily
  • Throughout the duration of wearing your two strand twists (braids too), spritz with a little water every other day, concentrating on the ends. Then, use Jamaican black castor Oil OR Jojoba Oil to seal the length of the strands

I don’t use serums in my hair but from time to time I will add a little gel for added hold. A little aloe vera gel or flax seed gel helps to hold the twists together too but you have to be careful not too use too much or they will get a little hard. IMHO, two strand twists should be soft and fluffy!

If you find that your two strand twists begin to unravel at the end, no need to redo the entire twists. Simply re-twist the end that’s unraveling. I don’t recommend using gel alone because it can be drying (even all natural gel)

Check out this video on how I two strand twist my hair:

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