An Elegant Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day

A cute and elegant hairstyle for Valentine’s Day for natural or relaxed hair

valentine's day natural hairstyle

It’s the month for lovers you know. Actually, it’s more commercialized than anything. Nothing wrong with it. It’s just a time when people celebrate their love for their significant other. This month we begin chatting around a new theme: Loving You Inside and Out

So what better way (or time) to show yourself some love than with a new sexy hairstyle! Now, hairstyles that really wow are usually hairstyles that display bodacious definition and/or big hair. If you have fine hair like me, the big hair part may be a challenge. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to give my natural hair some oomph.

To see this style come to life step by step, watch the following short video:

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Must Have Accessories for Chic Protective Styling


It’s protective styling season. Well, it’s winter. There really is no special “season” to protective style your hair. It’s just more common in the winter since the cold temps can wreak havoc on our tresses. And so, we protective style.

I like protective styling but if you are like me and struggle with #HairADD, you may find it difficult to keep one protective style in for very long.  That’s where having great hair accessories come in handy. As a matter of fact, having a full selection of hair accessories is important if you want to protective style in a way that keeps you from being bored.

Rocking the same ‘ole bun or twists, day in and day out can get monotonous. Beneficial but monotonous. However, the whole idea of protective styling is to give your hair a rest so that it can thrive and avoid damage caused by the elements.

Check out this video where I share some hair accessories and tools that I think every lady needs to protective style her hair so she keeps it chic and doesn’t’ get bored!

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